Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling is one of the fastest-growing Paralympic winter sports. It is similar to able-bodied curling as the curlers use the same stones, compete on the same sheets of ice and under the same rules of competition… save for one exception: no sweeping is allowed.

Other differences allow curlers to hold the option of using a delivery stick, and team members can stabilize the thrower’s chair during the delivery. Wheelchair curling games also last 8 ends, as compared to 10 ends in able-bodied curling.

Wheelchair Curling was accepted into the 2006 programme of the Paralympic Winter Games and made its debut at the same arena in Pinerolo that was built for the Olympic Winter Games.

Canada won a stunning victory when Great Britain missed their final shot of the game. In the photo, Team Canada, led by skip Chris Daw (far right) celebrates their victory.

The World Curling Federation has created a guidance package for ice rinks, participants, coaches and volunteers to get involved in wheelchair curling. Please contact the Secretariat or your Member Association for more information.

Please see the "Championships" button for the 2007-08 competitions and the "Rules/By-Laws" button for more information.

A DVD called 'Curling from a Wheelchair' is available on request and may be ordered through your Member Association.