Curling at the Paralympics

Team CAN skipped by Jim Armstrong (far right) wins Gold at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. Photo: WCF/Daniel Field

The first World Wheelchair Curling Championship was held in January 2002 and in March that year, the International Paralympic Committee granted official medal status to Wheelchair Curling for mixed gender teams.

The Organizing Committee of the Turin 2006 Paralympic Winter Games agreed to include Wheelchair Curling in their programme.

Wheelchair Curling made its second appearance at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

Eight teams participated in Turin. The number of teams competing in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games was increased to ten.


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Past Paralympic Winter Games Results

Year Host City Country Skip Country Skip Country Skip
2010 Vancouver CAN Jim Armstrong KOR Hak Sung Kim SWE Jalle Jungnell
2006 Turin CAN Chris Daw GBR Frank Duffy SWE Jalle Jungnell