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WCF Awards

The Colin Campbell Award

The Colin Campbell Award is presented to the male curler "who best displays the ideals of sportsmanship and skill" during the World Curling Championships.

The award was created in honour of Canadian Colin Campbell, who served as president of the International Curling Federation, now known as the World Curling Federation, from 1969 until his death in 1978.

The selection is made by his fellow curlers in the tournament.

Year Awardee Nation
1979Keith Wendorf Germany
1980Greig Henderson Scotland
1981Mark Olson Canada
1982Rick Lang Canada
1983Keith Wendorf Germany
1984Mike Hay Scotland
1985Tim Wright USA
1986Uli Sutor Germany
1987Göran Roxin Sweden
1988Bo Bakke Norway
1989Tommy Stjerne Denmark
1990Tommy Stjerne Denmark
1991Markus Eggler Switzerland
1992Jussi Uusipaavalniemi Finland
1993Hugh Millikin Australia
1994Gert Larsen Denmark
1995Peter Lindholm Sweden
1996Mikael Hasselborg Sweden
1997Jussi Uusipaavalniemi Finland
1998Markku Uusipaavalniemi Finland
1999Sean Becker New Zealand
2000Greg McAulay Canada
2001Spencer Mugnier France
2002Pål Trulsen Norway

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