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World Junior Curling Championships 2003 

World Junior Curling Championships 2003

W4: Excellent day for USA title defenders

Cassie Johnson and her USA team lost the first game of the championships yesterday but has won three games in a row after that. Today USA first won against Sweden in a replay of last year's final and in the evening session they defeated Italy. USA made two steals in the 2nd and 3rd ends to lead 3-0 and then executed their defence really well never giving Italy an opportunity to score more than a single point in any end, the final score 8-2 for the USA team.

Japan defeated Switzerland without problems with 7-2. The Swiss girls didn't come close to the playing ability they showed against Canada earlier today and was an easy prey for Japan. The game decider was the fifth where Valeria Spälty came up short on her last draw and wrecked a guard allowing Japan to steal three.

The 5th end proved to be the game decider between Sweden and Scotland as well. Sweden had two points in the house and the last stone advantage when Rachael Simms tried to hide behind a guard with her last stone. She came up short and wrecked the guard leaving Sweden an easy draw for three points and a 6-2 lead. A Swedish steal in the 6th and another steal in the 7th after another missed draw by the Scottish skip closed up the game for the Swedes. Sweden won the game 9-3 after nine ends.

The game between Canada and Norway turned into a thriller. It was 4-3 to Canada after seven ends and then Canada stole a single to lead 5-3 after eight ends. Norway was able to pull back two in the ninth to make the game even. In the final end, Linn Githmark had a good chance of laying two when she played her final stone but she came up short leaving Miller with an easy take-out to close up the game 8-5.

 The game between the two winless teams so far in the tournament turned out to be a close game. Germany pulled out a 4-2 lead after three ends but after five they were down 4-5. Then the lead turned a few times but the game was tied seven all coming down the 10th with Russia having the last stone advantage. When the Russian skip Ludmila Privivkova played her last stone there were 12 stones in play but she had to draw to the four-foot through a narrow hole. Ludmila came up slightly short and Germany scored their first victory of the tournament 8-7.

M3: Great turn-around by Japan boys

Japan were down 0-6 after four ends against Germany but after taking three points in the fifth the Japanese came out as a different team after the break. First they stole one and when Baumann skimmed a guard with his last stone in the seventh, Japan took three and suddenly they were in the lead 7-6.

Germany equalised in the 8th when Baumann once again had to make a draw against Japanese shots but in the ninth he couldn't save his team and Japan scored three to go 10-7. In the last end Japan scored another two-pointer and the final score was 12-7.

Sweden defeated Finland 7-2 in a game which the Swedes controlled all the way and was the most aggressive team. Tuomas Vuori of Finland is heavily influenced by the style of Markku Uussipaavalniemi (a gambling game) and when you don't execute that 100% then you easily loose unneccesary points like in the games against Sweden. Sweden is one of the three teams that has a perfect record so far in the tournament.

Canada defeated Denmark 9-5 to keep their perfect record in the championships. It was an entertaining game with lots of stones in play during most ends. It was obvious though that a big point would come and it did when Canada scored three in the sixth to lead 7-3. Denmark never recovered from that blow and is now 1 for 3 in the round-robin.

Switzerland won against Scotland with 8-3 and is the third undefeated team in the round-robin along with Sweden and Canada. Scotland has yet to win again and must now probably try to keep two teams behind them to avoid the horror of re-qualification to the championships. The problems for the Scots are that they make misses that cost them dearly like Keith MacLennans last stone of the seventh end where he drew against three swiss stones but had almost the full 8-footer free. Unfortunately he was heavy and Switzerland could steal 3 to lead 7-2 and that was the game.

Results during the games

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