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2nd World Wheelchair Championships to start in Sursee, Switzerland

by Håkan Sundström

The 2nd World Wheelchair Curling Championships will start tomorrow in Sursee, Switzerland in the same venue that hosted the 1st WWCC in 2002. That year there were nine nations participating but now this World Championships have expanded to 13 nations.

The 13 teams are divided into two groups of round-robin play.

Group A consists of: Switzerland, Scotland, USA, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Wales.

Group B: Canada, England, Italy, Korea, Russia and Sweden.

The two best teams of each group will play the play-off with semi finals, bronze game and final. The semi finals are scheduled to 19.00 on Friday, January 23rd and the final and bronze medal game will take place at 11.00 on Saturday.

However, also the teams finishing 3rd to 6th of each group will play ranking games for position 5 to 12 to determine qualifying points for the 2006 Paralympics in Torino where curling will take part for the first time. Also the World Wheelchair Curling Championships in Glasgow in 2005 will be a qualification event for the Paralympics.

More information about the World Wheelchair Curling Championships in Sursee can be found on the website of the event, http://www.wheelchaircurling.ch/

When the championships have started there will also be results and pictures at the website of the World Curling Federation, http://www.worldcurlingfederation.org/.

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