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Friday's pairings set at Continental Cup

by Jeff Timson, St Clair's Group.

Thunder Bay, November 27, 2003

The line-ups for Friday's Team and Mixed Doubles competitions of the Continental Cup have been announced.

In the women's Team games, scheduled for 8:00 am ET, Sherry Middaugh will play Anette Norberg; Debbie McCormick will face Dordi Nordby while Colleen Jones once again plays Jackie Lockhart.

In the men's Team games, slated for 7:30 pm, Randy Ferbey meets Peja Lindholm, Mark Dacey plays Hammy McMillan and Pete Fenson goes against Pål Trulsen.

The Team games are eight ends under the four-rock rule. Each win is worth six points, while a tie (no extra ends will be played) is worth three points. There are 12 Team games being played, six on Thursday and six on Friday.

Also, for the first time, there are no hogline officials being used for this event and for others this season sanctioned by the Canadian Curling Association. Instead, an electronic hogline device, manufactured by Startco Engineering in Saskatoon, is being used. Touch sensors have been installed on each rock handle to determine if a violation has occurred. If the delivery is clean, then a tiny green light will flash on the handle. If a hogline violation has occurred, then a red light will flash.

The unique Mixed Doubles competition is also scheduled for Friday. The eight end games (no extra ends) combine male and female throwers and sweepers. There will be two sessions of Mixed Doubles (three games per draw/session), with each win worth six points.

12:30 pm Europe vs North America

Throwers Dordi Nordby/Lars Vågberg vs Randy Ferbey/Kirsten Wall
Sweepers Camilla Holth/Bent Ramsfjell and Marcel Rocque/Andrea Lawes

Throwers Hammy McMillan/Sheila Swan vs Colleen Jones/Bruce Lohnes
Sweepers Anne Laird/Hugh Aitken and Mary-Anne Waye/Andrew Gibson

Throwers Tomas Nordin/Anette Norberg vs Mark Dacey/Kim Kelly
Sweepers Magnus Swartling/Cathrine Norberg and Nancy Delahunt/Rob Harris

4:00 pm

Throwers Jackie Lockhart/Norman Brown vs Pete Fenson/Allison Pottinger
Sweepers Katriona Fairweather/Roger McIntyre and Tracy Sachtjen/Shawn Rojeski

Throwers Peja Lindholm/Eva Lund vs Dave Nedohin/Sherry Middaugh
Sweepers Peter Narup/Anna Bergström and Scott Pfeifer/Sheri Cordina

Throwers Pål Trulsen/Hanne Woods vs Debbie McCormick/Eric Fenson
Marianne Haslum/Flemming Davanger and Ann Swisshelm Silver/John Shuster

The four-day Continental Cup, featuring six teams representing North America versus six teams carrying the colours of Team Europe, began Thursday at Fort William Gardens.

Now in its second year, the Continental Cup, the unique curling competition patterned somewhat after golf's Ryder Cup, offers a total prize package of $200,000 (Cdn), with $125,000 going to the winning side, $75,000 to the losing side.

Team Europe is being captained by Kristian Soerum of Oslo, Norway while Team North America's captain is Rick Lang of Thunder Bay.

The 12 Team games (each worth six points) count for 72 points overall, while the six Mixed Doubles events are worth 36 points. On Saturday, the 12 Singles games are worth a total of 32 points, while the six Skins games played Saturday and Sunday are valued at 260 points. The side which earns 201 or more of the possible 400 points. will be declared the champion.

TSN is providing 30 hours of complete live coverage across Canada of this second Continental Cup. WC TV (World Curling TV) will be producing and distributing daily highlight packages for European television stations while Multicast Networks is producing live pay-per-view webcast programming.

Last year in Regina, Team North America edged Team World, 207-193 on points, as the men's thrilling final Skins game between Kevin Martin and Peja Lindholm went down to last rock.


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