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WCF Press release 

12 December 2002

European Championships to Basel and Andorra

The European Curling Federation continues to deliver the organisation of European Championships well ahead of time. Since earlier it was decided that the 2003 ECC will take place in Courmayeur, Italy, the 2004 event in Sofia, Bulgaria and the 2005 European Championships in Garmisch-Partenkichen.

  When the European Curling Federation today held the General Annual Assembly in Grindelwald there were two bids for the 2006 European Championships, Basel in Switzerland and Andorra. Both places could provide excellent  conditions with two ice rinks within decent distance from each other.  The number of teams nowadays at the European Championships, 21 men´s teams and 18 women´s teams in Grindelwald, demand that bidding countries have to provide at least two ice rinks.

  The assembly decided to give the 2006 European Championships to Basel and the 2007 event to Andorra. Regarding Basel it will be first time a European championship hosted by the Swiss will take part outside the alpine region.

  Both Sofia and Garmisch-Partenkirchen can provide two ice rinks but not Courmayeur which got the event some years ago when the number of teams were not that high. However, in an effort to minimize the time scale the B-group for the 2003 will be split into two groups of round-robin if the number of teams are higher than 10.


  There were also elections at the ECF General Assembly. The President Malcolm Richardson of Scotland and the Vice President Dieter Kolb of Germany were both re-elected. So was the members of the board, Karel Kubeska of Czech Republic, Olli Rissanen, Finland, Konstantin Zadvornov, Russia, Saskia Kruegl, Germany and Leif Öhman, Sweden. New members were Ainslie Smith, Scotland, John Stone, Wales and Urs Müller of Switzerland. 


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