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WCF Press release 

11 December 2002

World Championships to be separated from 2005

  The Ford World Curling Championships in Gävle, Sweden in April 2004 will be the last combined world curling championships for men and women. When the World Curling Federation today held it´s Semi Annual Assembly in Grindelwald, Switzerland it was decided that from 2005 there will be separated World Championships for men and women, regarding times and venues. Just as it was from 1979 to 1988.

  The reason why the WCF is going back to the old format of World Championships is because of finance and TV- exposure. St. Clair Group, the marketing agent of both WCF and the Canadian Curling Association, is negotiating with sponsors and television companies and have got signals that it would be advantage for the WCF to have separated world championships in the future. The main market for sponsors and TV-exposure is Canada and with separated WCC there can be annual world championships at Canadian venues. Every second year the world men´s championships and every second year the world women´s event. 

12 teams at the World championships

Since the curling world is expanding for almost every year, there has occurred a demand for more teams at the World Championships. After the decision being made to split the combined World championships it opened up the possibility to allow another two teams to play the World Championships.

New rules about sweeping and substitutes

  The Semi Annual Assembly also approved some changes of the playing rules. The WCF will from next season have the same sweeping rule as the Canadian Curling Association which gives the delivering team the right to continue sweeping their own stone behind the tee line.

Regarding substitutes the new rule allows the team to put in their substitute to any position in the team, not only at the position of the replaced player.

Regarding Rules of Competition the assembly approved a proposal giving each team possibility of two one minute time outs per game when they can talk to their coach. The game time will be reduced to 73 minutes.

Development assistance to all WCF-nations

The budget was approved which included a large development assistance to each of the 37 member nations of the World Curling Association. The  nations will be offered a sum of $US 40.000 for the period from now to 1st of February 2006. But the money has to be used in six different projects as

  1. Equipment purchase ($10.000)
  2. Youth Clinics & Camps ($8.000)
  3. Upgrading individuals who are classified as Ice technicians, Umpires and Coaches ($5.000)
  4. Athlete training ($10.000)
  5. Publicity/Promotion ($2.000)
  6. Adult Novice Clinics ($5.000)

All expenditures must be pre-approved by the Programmes & Services Committee and the WCF Secretariat. 

Franz Tanner received the Freytag Award

During the Semi Annual Assembly the WCF President Roy Sinclair also had the honour of presenting the

2002 World Curling Freytag Award to Franz Tanner of Switzerland. Mr. Tanner, World Champion for Switzerland in 1981, European champion in 1978 and 1981 is also a former President of the Swiss Curling Association.

He got the Freytag Award for many years of contribution to World curling, especially for his efforts to persuade the International Olympic Committee to approve curling as an official Olympic medal sport.

(A higher resolution picture of Franz Tanner receiving the award is available by contacting the webmaster@worldcurlingfederation.org)


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