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WCF Strategy Project

Curling Coach/Instructor,

The package that you have in front of you is just the beginning of a learning tool
that the World Curling Federation and the National Training Centre is hoping to
design. The product of this package will be a strategy survey whereby curlers of
all different backgrounds will be asked their opinion of what shot to play in
different situations.

The first step is to design a pamphlet that contains fifty situations that cover
different points and decision-making processes in the game. This is where you
come in.

We ask that you design two to four situations, or as many as you want, on the
included format. You can place rocks (black and white), add numbers to the
scoreboard and completely fill out the parameters of the situation in question.

We then ask that you provide what you think are three natural options (A, B, &
C) for a skip/team in that particular situation. Option D will be left open for the
person answering the strategy survey to add if they see fit.
When you have completed your strategy situations we ask that you mail them to
one of two addresses, either:

Paul Webster
#303 2214 14A St SW
Calgary, AB
T2T 3W8


Keith Wendorf
8, Rue du 34eme R.I.F.
F - 67860 Rhinau, France

We hope to have all the possible strategy situations in as soon as possible and
then the fifty situations for the survey will be chosen. Anyone sending in
situations will be kept informed as to our process and when the strategy survey is

Please provide us with your information so we can send you out a survey
package when they are produced:


Your help is very much appreciated in this project.

Keith Wendorf
WCF Development Officer

Paul Webster
CCA Assistant National
Development Coach


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