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Curling development

WCF works within a number of areas to develop the sport of curling further. Wheelchair curling is one, Education regarding umpiring, icemaking etc is another. At these pages you find information regarding this work.

Strategy Project

Please help us create a learning tool regarding curling strategy. Read about our strategy survey that is a cooperation between the WCF and the CCA National Training Centre.

Courses and seminars

WCF annually arranges a number of courses and seminars every year mostly during the WCF Summer camp in Füssen, Germany which is arranged along with the German Curling Federation.

Enrol to the 2005 courses and seminars

Previous years

Read about the 2004 courses and seminars
Read about the 2003 courses and seminars.

Responsible for this area is Keith Wendorf

Junior curling

Responsible for this area is Keith Wendorf

Wheelchair curling

In January 2002 the first World Wheelchair Curling Championships was held in Sursee, Switzerland. Wheelchair Curling will also become a part of Paralympics as of Torino in 2006.

Read more about wheelchair curling.

Ice maintenance

Leif Öhman with the help of John Minaar has written a manual for ice maintenance. The book is available for purchase through the WCF Office and is a must for anyone working with curling ice.

To read more and/or order the book, please click here.


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