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Le Gruyère AOC European Curling Championships 2002

Men's tournament: GERMANY

The men's tournament was won by Germany that won 10 out of 11 games and defeated Sweden's Peter Lindholm in the finals with 7-6.

From the left: Patrick Hoffman, Marcus Mezzenzehl, Uli Sutor (coach), Stephan Knoll, Daniel Herberg and the skip Sebastian Stock.

Women's tournament: SWEDEN

Sweden successfully defended their European title from last year by winning 10 out of 11 games and defeating Denmark in the finals with 7-4.

From left: Eva Lund, Helena Lingham, Anette Norberg, Cathrine Norberg, Maria Hasselborg.


The ECC is also a qualification tournament for the 2003 World Curling Championships. These nations are qualified for the WCC:

Men Women
Germany Sweden
Sweden Denmark
Norway Norway
Finland Russia
Denmark Switzerland
Scotland Scotland
Switzerland Italy

A-tournament 2003

In addition to the above teams, these teams are qualified for the ECC A-tournament next year.

Men Women
England Germany
Italy Czech Republic
France England




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