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World Junior Curling Championships 2002

The trophy stays in Canada for the fifth straight year

Canada won the World Junior's men's title for the fifth consecutive year after a defensive but well-played game. It came down to a draw for victory in the final end and David Hamblin made no mistake. The game ended 3-2 and that's a tie for the low-scoring record for a World Junior's final. 

It was the 12th World title for Canada since the competition began in 1975 and stated the fifth in a row. John Morris won in 98 and 99, Brad Kuhn in 00 and Brad Gushue in 2001. The Canadian gold medal team consists of David Hamblin, Ross Derksen, Kevin Hamblin, Ross McCannell and Douglas Hamblin.

The Swedish rink that came second improved on their fifth record and will most probably be back to get another shot at the gold. The team consists of the Eric Carlsén, Carl-Axel Dahlin (plays skip's stones), Nils Carlsén, Emanuel Allberg and Daniel Tenn. Eric and Nils' uncle Per will skip the Swedish rink in the World's in two weeks.

Canada tried to use a short Swedish cornerguard in the first but the last try skimmed the guard leaving an open shot. Sweden tried to peel the Canadian shot but Dahlin was a bit narrow and they hit it on the nose for an opening point for Sweden.

In the 2nd Sweden tried to use a short centreguard to their advantage but after a number of tries to come around from the Swedes, Hamblin was able to blank the end.

After a non-eventful third end, things changed in the 4th when Sweden were able to hide behind a short guard. Canada wrecked it and Sweden lay a new one. Canada then freezed the shot on the pot-lid without being shot. Sweden tried to put another guard but wrecked the guard leaving Derksen with an open take-out to lie three. Eric Carlsén tried a hit & stick, hit all three stones, removed two and almost hid behind a guard (1 feet to the right of the centre-line). Derksen were able to come with a soft take-out and removed the Swedish stone to lie two. Sweden exchanged the shot, Hamblin was able to hit & roll to keep his two but now about 5 feet apart in the house. Sweden tried a hit & roll with their last stone but hit thin and rolled out leaving Canada to draw for two points. Canada in the lead with 2-1.

The fifth, sixth and seventh ends went quickly by with Sweden blanking the ends.

In the 8th, finally things heated up. The Canadians started with a stone on top of the four-feet-circle. Sweden made a good freeze, Canada guarded and Sweden tapped the guard to the back of the house. Canadian removed the Swedish front but left Sweden with an open hit and split to lie two. Sweden were able to hold the tempo until Derksen were able to hit and roll so that Canada had shot just inside the best Swedish stone. Sweden tried a take-out with hack-weight but wrecked the guard (may have been intentional) tapping the guard to the back of the house. Sweden tried a draw around a corner but Hamblin were able to peel it. Sweden decided to draw for one point, 2-2.

In the ninth Sweden got two guards but when they got the chance Eric Carlsén was wide and Canada could remove the shot. Sweden tried again but was heavy, Canada then selected to peel one guard. Sweden switched shot with the Candians and Hamblin peeled to blank the end.

In the 10th, Sweden once again put up the guards and Canada missed to skim them. Sweden tried to draw ending up at the top of the eight-feet-circle. During the next 8 stones Canada peeled and the Swedes put up new guards. When Hamblin completely missed his first stone, Sweden got the chance to draw behind but once again came up a bit short with another stone on the top of the eight-feet. Hamblin decided to make the draw even though he was forced to make it from the edge of the house. He made no mistake, made the draw and Canada was World Champions!!

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Cassandra Johnson brings her team all the way to the gold!

Cassandra Johnson and her team-mates was almost forgotten in all the hoopla over Mattsson and Gaudet which probably suited her just fine but the USA team stacked up an impressive 7-2 record in the round-robin. In the semifinal Johnson had the upper hand on Gaudet all the way to their 7-6 win.

The final was probably decided by the four-pointer the USA took in the 3rd end. Not only did it bring them to a 4-2 lead, it also gave them the confidence to keep the Swedish at arms-length distance. The new world champions are Cassandra Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Katie Beck, Maureen Brunt and Courtney George.

For Matilda Mattsson's team it was the second loss in a row in a World Junior's final. Still, three girls of the team will be junior's next season and may, if they win the Swedish Nationals, make a sixth appearance...

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