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Ford World Curling Championships 2002

Women's tournament, Final

Scotland wins the women's title for the first time

It took 24 years and three lost finals until a Scottish women's team won a world championship title. This afternoon all this changed when the Jackie Lockhart team defeated Sweden with 6-5. It was Sweden that was the most aggresive team through most of the game but only at one time were the Scottish not able to keep the Swedes in check.

In the final end of the game, Sweden had a good chance to steal but had problems with the draw weight and Maria Engholm's last stone that was supposed to be at the top of the house ended up just behind the tee-line and it gave Jackie Lockhart the possibility to play a hit & stick to win.

The world champions are Jackie Lockhart, Sheila Swan, Katriona Fairweather, Ann Laird and Edith Louden and Jackie said afterwards that the Rhona Martin olympic gold was of course a great inspiration to the team and they kept that spirit going through the week.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
SWEDEN 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 0     5
SCOTLAND * 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 1     6
Pos Sweden





Leads Anna-Kari Lindholm 89 75 Ann Laird 81 80
Second Anette Jörnlind 79 77 Katriona Fairweather 69 77
Third Margaretha Sigfridsson (skip) 73 77 Sheila Swan 76 75
Skips Maria Engholm 69 74 Jackie Lockhart 74 76
  Team totals 77 76 Team Totals 75 77

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Game report

1: Sweden placed the first stone in the house, then it was a one stone in the house game, blank end. 0-0
2: Sweden placed the first stone in the house but missed the takeout with Lindholm's (Swedish lead) second stone and Scotland was able to put a second shot in the house. Scotland missed the draw just short of the house and then we were back with one stone in the house. Engholm (Swedish fourth, not skip) hit but rolled of with her first stone and Scotland tried a split for two but was a bit heavy and tapped one of the stones to the side. Sweden end with a hit & roll out of the house. Scotland blanked, 0-0
3: A miss by Sigfridsson (Swedish skip, playing third) gave Scotland a chance for two but Lockhart (Scottish skip) was heavy on her attempt and Sweden could remove the remaining Scottish shot. Scotland blanked, 0-0.
4: Sweden ticked a guard when trying to remove the Scottish shot with Lindholm's second stone. Scotland got two but lost one on a hit & roll. Sweden raised a guard down on the Scottish shot to clear the house. Neither team were able to hide behind the guard but Lockhart only skims the Swedish   (half-hidden) shot with her first leaving it on the tee-line at the four-feet-circle. Sweden put a second shot in the house. Scotland failed the double and Sweden could steal one. Sweden 1-0.
5: Sweden threw a short guard in the beginning of the end and after when Sigfridsson had played her first stone Sweden was sitting two. Engholm hit but rolled out with her first stone allowing Scotland to blank the end, Sweden 1-0.
6: Scotland made a good freeze of a Swedish shot in the middle of the end. Sigfridsson just skims the Scottish shot but Scotland came up short with the draw to sit two. Sweden removed the Scottish shot but Scotland answered with a double. Sweden decided to freeze one of the Scottish shots with their last stone but was heavy and Scotland could make the draw for three. Scotland 3-1.
7: Sweden tried to use a corner guard while Scotland had three shots more to the centre of the house. Sweden drew a second stone behind the guard but it allowed Scotland to do a double but Scotland wrecked the guard. Sweden tried to guard but was wide. Swan tried the double but it the stone fat and Sweden gets one shot with Scottish stones in front and at the back of it. Sweden drew behind the guard to sit two. Scotland hit & roll on their own front shot, Sweden still sat one but Scotland then had 4 stones. Engholm drew a second shot with her first stone. Scotland tried a take-out but just skimmed the shot (but I couldn't see what she wanted to gain) and Sweden had the draw for three. Sweden 4-3.
8: Scotland's attempt for a corner was too close to the house to really be used and Sweden can keep the game away from the guard. Scotland decided with Swan's first stone to split the corner guard to get two stone in the house, which they did. Sweden played a hit & stick and then Swan did a double with her second stone so Scotland had two shots. Sweden could not respond and Lockhart did a hit & stick with her last shot to take two. Scotland 5-4.
9: One-stone-end until Swan missed an open take-out with her first stone, Sweden tried to draw for two but was heavy ending up  just behind the house. Then it was back to the one-stone-game but Sweden hit their last shot fat and took one point, Tied 5-5.
10: Sweden got their two free guard zone guards up, Scotland was able to tick one of them. Sweden came around but ends up at the top of the house. Scotland peels but one of the Swedish stones "bounces" in to the back of the four-feet. Sweden was a bit long with the guard it sits at the top of the house in front of the Swedish second shot. Scotland doubled by hitting the stone on the nose. Sweden put up another guard. Scotland peeled the guard.  Sweden was long again almost freezing the Scottish stone at the top of the house. Scotland peeled away both stones sitting at the top of the house. Sweden had the shot and Scotland had a "saver" out on one side. Sweden played another guard with Engholm's first. Scotland peeled it. Sweden's last stone was long and wide ending up at the side of the other Swedish stone. Scotland played a hit & stick to win 6-5.

Bronze medal game

Norway, Norway, what a morning!

Norway, the reigning olympic champions started the week uninspired and played quite badly but as the week progressed their raised their game and today they played an excellent semifinal against Scotland. It had everything and in the final end it came down to a measurement for a Scottish win but they were only able to tie the game 4-4, sending it into an extra end. When Trulsen played his last shot he had to draw against two to the four-feet-circle and he did it and his team will now play the final in the World's for the first time.

Golf pro's often talk about the need to be a good grinder and grinding was what Norway did this morning. They were down 1-6 after four ends and were only able to take a one in the fifth to be down 2-6 without last stone. After this they stacked up five straight steals to win the game with 8-6 in what must be one of the great comebacks in a medal game ever in the World's. Canada's Colleen Jones ended her title defense with a fourth place and she must be very dissapointed with her record in these championships 6 wins and 6 losses.


Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
NORWAY  0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 3 1     8
CANADA * 1 0 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0     6
Pos Norway





Leads Camilla Holth 83 70 Nancy Delahunt 86 84
Second Marianne Haslum 86 76 Mary-Anne Waye 73 74
Third Hanne Woods 83 75 Kim Kelly 86 82
Skips Dordi Nordby 59 70 Colleen Jones 61 74
  Team totals 78 73 Team Totals 76 79

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Game report

1:  A missed take-out by Norway's Dordi Nordby (skip) gave Canada the chance to take two, but Jones missed the draw, Canada 1-0.
2: Once again, a missed take-out gave Canada the initiative. A nice hit & roll by Woods (Norway's third) forced Canada to sacrifice their second and once again it was a one-stone-game. Norway last stone is a hit on the nose of the Canadian shot. Tied 1-1.
3: Started out like "usual", Norway had two shots at one point. Kelly (Canada's third) made a nice hit&roll to hide behind a corner guard. Norway tried to make he draw behind the same corner but ticked the Canadian shot. Kelly made a hit & roll to sit two. A draw by Nordby was heavy and curled more than they expected missing both to freeze and the house gave Jones (Canada skip) a draw for three. Canada 4-1.
4: Norway tried to get a corner guard but Canada was able to remove the tries. Finally Canada hit it fat and rolled centre but Norway could only freeze the Canada shot and then Jones put up a guard.  Norway failed a chance to draw behind and Jones put another stone in the house. Norway was heavy with their last draw, Canada steals two. Canada 6-1
5: Canada dominated the end while Norway tried to draw. Nordby had to draw against four Canadian shots and she put it on the button. Canada 6-2.
6: Norway used the free guard zone to get some guards. Norway drew to the button with Woods's last stone. Nordby decided to put her last stone in the house to force Jones to play against two points. Jones curled over a bit before the hit on the top stone and Norway could steal 1. Canada 6-3.
7: Canada tried to play defensively but Norway is able to freeze their way into the end. When Nordby played her first stone Norway was sitting first and third and they tried to guard the shot but was wide. Jones played a hit & stick to sit two. Nordby made an excellent draw behind the guard to the button to sit one. Jones wrecked the guard. Canada 6-4
8: Norway continued to work with the free guard zone. When Nordby played her first Canada had one shot just to the side of the tee. Nordby tapped the shot to sit two. Jones made a nice tap & roll to sit one shot behind the centre guard. Nordby is able to sneak around the guard, come down and tap the Canadian shot to sit two and almost impossible for Jones to do anything. She hits the top shot but rolls to the side. Norway stealed one. Canada 6-5.
9: Once again there is a number of centre guards. Norway got a guarded shot just besides the tee. Canada had problems removing the guards.  With a bit of luck Kelly was able to get to the Norwegian shot (bounce-bounce-bounce) and move it. Norway came up short in the house.  Jones guarded the raise. Nordby was able to get to the Canada shot and tap it to the back of the house sitting two. Jones tried to get to the shot but tapped a front stone in the house so Norway took three points. Norway 7-6!
10: Norway put up a guard with their first shot and Canada tried to come around. Norway was able to remove the first attempts. The third time it was so good they had to follow the Canadians but wrecks their own front stone in the house. Kelly almost missed to remove the Norwegian best stone just skimming it. Woods came up short on her freeze and Canada put up a guard. Nordby tried to freeze, excellent speed but wide. Canada hit a Norwegian stone on the wrong side changing situation so Norway had the shot (In chess it would have a ?? marking behind the move.) Norway put up another guard but ticks another guard to leave a small opening for Jones but she wrecks the inner guard. Norway win the game 8-6


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