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16 october 2002

Former ECF-President Eric Harmsen dead

Eric Harmsen, former President of the European Curling Federation, has died at the age of almost 75 years. He was born in the Netherlands on the 30th of October 1927.

Eric Harmsen was a business man from Laren, about 30 km from Amsterdam. He started curling in Arosa, Switzerland in 1956. Not long after that he was one of the founders of the Amsterdam Curling Club. By then all curling in Amsterdam was played open air but when an indoor ice rink was opened in Utrecht in 1970 he was one of the founders of Utrecht Curling Club. He was elected to the board and soon he became President of the club.

Eric Harmsen was also the driving force behind organising an international curling event in the Netherlands and the first Windmill tournament was held in 1974. By then Eric Harmsen was a member of the board of the Netherlands Curling Association which joined the International Curling Federation in 1975.

When the Netherlands for the first time entered a team at the European Championships in Oslo 1977 Eric Harmsen was a non-playing captain of the team.

He became president of the Netherlands Curling Association in 1982 and he held that position until 1996. In 1983 he was appointed President of the European Curling Council. During his presidency the name council was changed into Federation. He was ECF-president until 1988 when Sten Willer-Andersen of Denmark took over from him.

Eric Harmsen was an excellent linguist and with a great sense of humor. He conducted the ECF meetings in a very efficient way.


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