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No changes on the Executive Board

by Håkan Sundström, WCF Media Relations officer

The whole Executive Board was re-elected for another two years when the General Assembly of the World Curling Federation took place at Scandic Central Hotel in Gävle, Sweden.

Roy Sinclair of Scotland was re-elected as president without any competitor. So was the Vice President Les Harrison of Canada and the Director of Finance, Denis Fox of USA.

Tove Porskjaer of Denmark was also re-elected as the only female of the Executive Board.  But this time she was challenged by Olga Andrianova of Russia and Joan Reed of England. However, in the first round of balloting Mrs. Porskjaer got a majority of votes.

For the remaining three seats as members at large, there were seven candidates. Andrianova and Reed together with Per Näsman, Sweden,  Kristian Sørum, Norway and Hiro Saito, Japan who all were elected in 2002. Young C Kim, Korea and  Olli Rissanen, Finland  were also candidates.

After a long procedure with many rounds of balloting, Hiro Saito, Kristian Sørum and  Per Näsman, were elected members of the Executive Board until 2006.

Future venues

There were reports from venues that already have been appointed hosts for the World Championships. Gävle for 2004, Victoria, Canada for 2005 men, Paisley, Scotland for 2005 women  and Lowell, USA for 2006 men. Aomori, Japan  and Leipzig, Germany have expressed interest in the World women championships for 2007.

In 2006 the World Women´s Championships will take place in Canada but with the site to be decided  later.

No bronze medal games and no junior All-Star-Team

The General Assembly approved a proposal from the WCF Executive to change the playoff format to determine the medallists at  World Championships from 2005 when 12 nations will participate. The assembly decided to introduce a play-off system where each of the four places are decided in a way so no bronze game is needed

The WCF Executive has also decided to discontinue the All-Star-Awards at the World Junior Championships since there has been some controversy about selections over the last few years.  

European Mixed Championships 

The European Curling Federation, ECF, decided at their Semi Annual Meeting in Gävle to establish an European Mixed Championship from 2005. The first EMC will be organised in Andorra during the first week-end of November 2005.

Then Claut in Italy, where they held the 2003 World University Games, has bid for the 2006 European Mixed Championships. Spain has expressed interest for the 2007 European Mixed Championship. 

The ECF meeting also approved membership for Greece as a new nation.


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