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Jaggers Curling Club, Madrid, wins the 2nd Spanish Championships.

by Jose Luis Hinojosa

In the men's tournament Jaggers CC of Madrid beat reigning spanish champions Sporting L´olla in a thrilling extra end match 10-7.

Spain continues to make history. Recently, the past week-end 21-22-23 of May, Spain organized their 2nd SPANISH CURLING CHAMPIONSHIPS, in the northeast Town of Puigcerda, Gerona, close to the French Border.

Not only it was an exciting tournament due to the conclusion of the tournament in an extra end, but it represented the development of this sport in Spain, due to the fact that 12 men´s teams and 4 women showed up for the event, making some impact in spanish news, and of course in the rocky mountain town of Puigcerdá.

The men´s teams where distributed in 2 groups according to their results in last year championship.

6 teams played in group A (same as last year, Jaggers Curling Club Madrid, Sporting L´olla, CEVA Vielha, Hydra San Sebastián, Igualada and Jaca) in a round robin format, that lead to the championship, and most important to the berth of representing SPAIN in the next Europeans, in Sofia december 2004.

After a couple of surprises during the first 4 draws, (Jaggers lost to Ceva, Hydra beat easily Ceva, and Igualada beat Sporting L´olla in the extra end) in the final draw the top 2 teams in the country according to results, played each other in what was considered a virtual final of the tournament. The one who won it, would win the tournament. Finally, after a very close match that came close to 3 hours, and with lots of turn arounds, (even in the 10th end, Jaggers Madrid had the hammer to win it and their skip missed the shot for a few cm), they played an Extra-end, with Sporting L´olla with the hammer. Jaggers Curling Club Madrid played extremely well, and with the close sight of Mr. Richard Harding CDO of the WCF, could steal 3 making the win a big success as it became the change in Spanish Curling History by winning it 10-7, and going to represent Spain in the Europeans. Team consists of Jose Luis Hinojosa (lead) Pierre-Andre Rouard (second) Jose María Rivera (Third) and Antonio de Mollinedo (skip). Sporting L´olla of Barcelona, won the silver, and C.E.V.A Vielha, won the bronze, not before having the chance of coming close of beating Sporting L´olla, and be the only team to defeat the champions, Jaggers Curling Club Madrid.

This was quite a surprise, because Jaca went directly to Group B, and Igualada (2003 bronze medallist) had to play the challenge against 2nd in group B. Not to mention the nice performance of Hydra San Sebastián, that could avoid their reduction to group B, but also came close to win bronze. Maybe next year.

The other 6 men´s teams were distributed in Group B, (Barcelona A, Barcelona B, Puigcerdá A, Puigcerdá B, Iparpolo and CAEI Vielha). Not so thrilling but with lots of fun and good curling, Barcelona A came first, with Barcelona B silver and Puigcerdá A, as bronze, that will play the challenge against Igualada, due to the fact that BARCELONA B wasn´t able to challenge because 2 teams of same club, could not play in first division.

The Challenge was a complete surprise, because after leading 7-1 in the 6th end, Igualada could not handle the pressure, and lost it 10-8, making it to group B.

The women teams played a single round-robin, same as the mens, but with only 4 teams. Sporting L´olla (Barcelona), Iparpolo of Vitoria, Jaca and Puigcerdá. Sporting L´olla swept all its games, making it to back-to-back-titles (2003 and 2004) and capturing the berth of representing Spain in the Europeans. It was an outstanding performance by Iparpolo, that with a little training not only became Silver medallists, but was the only team to give some problems to back-to-back champions, Sporting L´olla. Jaca was the disappointment of the tournament since they only captured 3rd place. Puigcerdá could not win a match but with some training they can make a better performance next year.

This year's Spanish Championship were honoured with the presence of Mark Callan as the Ice maker, Mr. Richard Harding CDO of the WCF, and Mr Andrew Ferguson-Smith as CDO for Spain and Andorra. Chief Umpire was Mss. Ana Arce. All of them did an outstanding job, and made the tournament a complete success with perfect sheets.

Next year championships, will be held in a 2,000 seat inside hockey rink, in Madrid.


Men. Group A:

1 Jaggers CC, Madrid 4 1
2 Sporting L´olla (Barcelona) 3 2
3 CEVA´ vielha (Lleida) 3 2
4 Hydra San Sebastián 2 3
5 Igualada (Barcelona) 2 3
6 Jaca 1 4

Igualada played the challenge game , Jaca directly to Group B. Igualada lost challenge goes to B.

MEN. Group B:

1 Barcelona Lanjarón A 4 1
2 Barcelona Lanjarón B 3 2
3 Puigcerdá A 3 2
4 Puigcerdá B 2 3
5 Vitoria 2 3
6 CAEI Vielha 1 4

Barcelona Lanjarón A, directly to group A.
Puigcerdá A, played the challenge since it was not possible for Barcelona B. Won challenge. Promoted to group A.

WOMEN Results.

1 Sporting L´olla (Barcelona) 3 0
2 Iparpolo Vitoria 2 1
3 Jaca 1 2
4 Puigcerdá 0 3


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