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News compilation 2002-2003

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News from the different World Curling Championships can be found here.

bullet Season 2001 - 2002 News

Trois-Rivières awarded 2004 World Junior Curling Championships

[May 06, PA] Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada has been selected to host the World Junior Curling Championships the upcoming season.

Read the press release.

Greece and Ukraine new nations but no big news at the General Assembly meetings

[Apr 10, PA] Greece and Ukraine became the 38th and 39th members of the World Curling Federation yesterday in Winnipeg. There were few news at the WCF General Assembly meeting. The rule changes suggested at the semi-annually meeting in December was accepted and a few future venue sites was announced.

Read all about the meeting in the press release.

Where do I find news regarding the World Championships?

We have special sections dealing with news and results from the World Championships:

The World Curling Freytag Award to Robert Whitehead posthumously

[Mar 28, HS] The World Curling Federation has decided to present The World Curling Freytag Award for 2003 posthumously to the former WCF Director of Finance Robert "Bob" Whitehead who died in 2001.

The Award will be accepted by Marilyn Brown at the WCF Annual Assembly in Winnipeg on 9 April.

Bob Whitehead was the Director of Finance of the WCF from 1994 to 2000. He was responsible for the development of budgets, new policies to monitor and control spending, the supervision of employees and the development of an accounting process to support the growth of WCF. That was during the period when curling as a new Olympic medal sport achieved financial stability for the first time.

The World Curling Freytag Award honours someone in the world of Curling who has contributed significantly to the development and promotion of world curling as a "curler" or a "builder".

Former European president dead

[Mar 28, HS] Sten Willer-Andersen of Denmark has passed away during this season. He was a former president of the Danish Curling Association and during the years 1988-92 he was President of the European Curling Federation.

Switzerland National Championships 2003

[Mar 17, PA] Olympic runner-up, Luzia Ebnöther and her team mates from Berne became Swiss National Champions this weekend after defeating the Swiss World Championship team Nicole Strausak in the finals with 7-6. Luzia along with Carmen Küng, Tanya Frei and Nadia Röthlisberger will represent Switzerland in the European Curling Championships in December.

Bernhard Werthemann from Basel-Ysfäger along with Stefan Traub, Thomas Lips Thomas Hoch and Daniel Widmer will be Switzerland's representatives in the ECC in december after winning with 6-5 over the Genève rink skipped Yannick Renggli in the finals.

The men's results, the women's results.

Swedish National Championships 2003

[Mar 17, PA] Östersund's Peter Lindholm may have missed the World's for the second straight year but no-one can beat them in the national championships. For the seventh straight year the double world champions won the Swedish championships, defeating Sundsvall's Per Carlsén in the finals with 7-1

The women's championships was won by Härnösand's Anette Norberg after defeating Svegs Margaretha Sigfridsson in the finals with 8-5. These teams will now represent Sweden in the European Curling Championships in December.

All the results.

Ferbey makes curling history

[Mar 10, PA] Randy Ferbey made curling history on Sunday night when he equalled Colleen Jones' record of five Canadian Curling Championships. He is the first man to that and along with his team-mates David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer and Marcel Rocque the first men's team to win three straight championships.

The Alberta rink did it with a perfect 13-0 record in the Brier, a feat that no team has accomplished since Ferbey along with Pat Ryan did it in 1988. Ferbey's team defeated the sensation from Nova Scotia, Mark Dacey in the finals with 8-4 in front of 9.485 spectators in Halifax. If Dacey had won it would have been the first Nova Scotia win in the Brier since 1951, the team also lead the final after 6 ends with 4-3 but couldn't stop the Ferbey rink that will now defend the World title from last year in the World's in a month's time.

All the results and stats can be found at the CCA site.

Danish Curling Championships 2003

[Mar 10, MH, PA] The Danish Championships played their final weekend, not with the same crowd support as in Halifax, but with the same price for the winner's a place in the World Curling Championships in April.

The finals was decided in a series of "best-of-three" games and in the men's tournament it took all three games to decide that Ulrik Schmidt will once again represent Denmark. The first two games were tight, Schmidt winning the first 7-4 and the opposing Tommy Stjerne the second with 6-5 but in the third Schmidt dominated and won easily with 9-3. The Danish WCC team will consist of Ulrik Schmidt, Lasse Lavrsen, Carsten Svensgaard, Joel Ostrowski and Christian Hansen.

The women's tournament was won in two straight games by the silver medalists from Grindelwald, Dorthe Holm's team. They defeated the Denise Dupont team with 8-2 and 7-4. Since not all players in the Holm rink will be able to play the World's the team will consist of a mix between the two teams. The Danish WCC contenders will be: Dorthe Holm, Malene Krause, Lisa Richardson, Denise Dupont and Maria Poulsen.

USA National Championships 2003

[Mar 10, PA] Pete Fenson's Minnesota rink won the US Nationals yesterday after an exciting 7-6 win in the finals against Wes Johnson of Washington. This was Pete's third US title also being a winner in ´93 and ´94. The team that consists of Pete Fenson, Eric Fenson, Shawn Rojeski and John Shuster will be the US representatives in Winnipeg.

Debbie McCormick's rink from Illinois defeated Patti Lank's team USA with 7-6 after another exciting final. McCormick along with team-mates Allison Pottinger, Ann Swisshelm Silver and Tracy Sachtjen will now represent the US in Winnipeg.

The results can be found at the USCA website.

Markku Uusipaavalniemi to the World's

[Mar 04, PA] Markku Uusipaavalniemi qualified for his seventh straight World Championships by defeating his old team mate, Wille Mäkelä in three straight games. Markku will be joined by Kalle Kiiskinen, Aku Kauste, Teemu Salo and Tony Träskelin in the Finnish challenge for the World title.

German National Champions 2003

[Mar 04, PA] Andrea Schöpp won the German ladies national championships by defeating Daniela Jentsch's rink in the final with 8-4. Unfortunately for Andrea and her team mates Monica Wagner, Carina Meidele, Sina Irralt and Anna Hartelt, Germany did not qualify for the World's this year but the team will represent Germany in the European Curling Championships in december (according to the team site).

The results and the Schöpp team site.

In the men's championships a team from CC Schwenningen skipped by Andreas Lang won the title after defeating the experienced and well-known Kapp brothers in the finals with 7-3. Lang and his team mates Rainer Beiter, Jürgen Beck, Sebastian Schweizer and Jörg Engesser represented Germany in the World Junior's in 1999 where they ended 6th but will now try to catch a bigger "fish". (I wasn't able to determine from the website what their "reward" will be, the WCC or the ECC.)

The results.

Finnish championships 2003

[Feb 28, PA, JU] The Finnish championships 2003 was played over four weekends and among the ladies the winner was Kirsi Nykänen's team. The Nykänen team is the same that represented Finland in the European Curling Curling championships in December.

The men's tournament was won by Ville Mäkelä and his new team consisting of Tuomas Vuori, Tero Salo, Jani Sullanmaa and Jari Rouvanen. The silver went to Perttu Piilo and the bronze to Markku Uusipaavalniemi. Mäkelä's team will represent Finland in the European's next december.

The team to play in Winnipeg will be decided the coming weekend when Markku Uusipaavalniemi's team will face Ville Mäkelä's. The winner will be decided by best-of-five-games.

Colleen Jones to make a fifth World's appearance

[Feb 25, PA] While Randy Ferbey's still has to prove that he is ready for history, Colleen Jones made hers on Sunday when she became the first Canadian to win five national (team) championships. Jones and her teammates Kim Kelly, Mary-Anne Waye and Nancy Delahunt won the Scott Tournament of Hearts for the fourth time in five years by defeating Newfoundland's Cathy Cunningham with 9-7 in the finals. The final looked easy in the beginning with Jones taking a 5-0 lead after three ends but the game was finally decided in an extra end.

The girls from Halifax will now try to repeat their accomplishment from the World's 2001 when they defeated Sweden in the final to become World Champions.

The results from the Scott Tournament of Hearts 2003. 

German Junior National Champions

[Feb 19, PA] The German Junior Nationals was decided last weekend and the winning teams that will go to Flims and defend the German colours are, in the men's tournament, Christian Baumann, Alexander Baumann, Thomas Unterstab and Ingmar Fritz from Baden Hills. In the women's tournament Germany will be represented by Juliane Jacoby, Martina Fink, Anne-Christine Barthel and Franzi Fischer representing EC Oberstdorf.

The information on the DCV website can be found here for the men and here for the women.

Correction on what Scottish team that will be sent to Winnipeg

[Feb 18, JL, PA] The Scottish Ladies team skipped by Edith Loudon will be going to the Worlds. However the winner of the men's Scottish Championships will not be going to the Worlds in Winnipeg. They will be going to the European Championships 2003. The team going to the world Championships and representing Scotland will probably be the same team that went to the European 2002, skipped by Peter Smith with 3rd David Hay, 2nd Graham Cormack and lead Steve Rankin unless any player changes is made at a later date.

David Murdoch edges McMillan to win the Scottish Championships

[Feb 17, JL] [CORRECTED Feb 18] David Murdoch's Lockerbie team beat Hammy McMillan in the final of the Scotch Beef Scottish Curling Championships to represent Scotland at the European Curling Championships this fall. In the semi-finals McMillan and his new team from Stranraer came from behind to beat Tom Brewster of Greenacres. The exciting final went to the final stone when Murdoch cleared out McMillan's shot stone. David Murdoch, 1999 Scottish Junior Champion, has Craig Wilson at third, his brother Neil Murdoch at second and Euan Byers at lead. Craig Wilson and Neil Murdoch played together winning the World Junior title in Grindelwald in 1993. They also played in the 1994 World Juniors in Sofia when Euan Byers was the alternate or fifth player in the team.

Edith Loudon's team win the Scottish Ladies Championships

[Feb 17, JL] The winner of the Gold League, the Scottish Ladies Championship sponsored by Scotch Beef, was won in Perth to-day by Edith Loudon's team from Perth. In the fourteen games against seven other teams, including those of Olympic Champion, Rhona Martin, and World Champion, Jackie Lockhart, Loudon's team were unbeaten. The team of Edith Loudon (skip), Karen Addison (3rd), Lynn Cameron (2nd) and Katie Loudon (lead) will represent Scotland in the 2003 World Championships.

World Champion Ferbey on his way to history?

[Feb 10, PA] The reigning World Champions from Alberta, Canada has the chance to make curling history. With the win in the Alberta playdowns for the Brier on Sunday, Randy Ferbey has the chance to be the first player to win five Canadian Men's Championships (called the Brier). His rink also has the chance to win three championships in a row.

Saskatchewan won both Canadian Junior titles

[Feb 10, PA] Green was the colour this weekend as two teams from Saskatchewan won the Canadian Junior's. First the boy's team out of Sutherland Curling Club skipped by Steve Laycock won their title by defeating Alberta's Darren Moulding with 9-5. Joining him to the world junior's is Christopher Haichert, Michael Jantzen and Kyler Broad.

Secondly the girl's team from Nutana Curling Club skipped by Marliese Miller won their title by defeating Nova Scotia's Robyn Mattie in the final with 6-4. Miller's team mates, Teejay Surik, Janelle Lemon and Chelsey Bell will now join her and the boys in the World Junior's that will be played in Flims, Switzerland between March 22-30.

Scottish Junior Champions

[Feb 10, JL] The winners of the Bank of Scotland Junior Curling Championships and the teams who will represent Scotland at the World Junior Curling Championships in Flims Switzerland was decided on Sunday 9th February. Last season's World Junior Bronze medalist, Kenny Edwards was beaten in the final by a team from the Atholl rink in Pitlochry, Perthshire, skipped by Keith MacLennan. MacLennan and is team of Bryan Greenock (3rd) David Robertson (2nd) and David Soutar (lead) will represent Scotland. The team invited Kenny Edwards to be their fifth or alternate player.

In the Ladies, The team who were last season's runner up in the Scottish Juniors went through the competition unbeaten, untill the final when they were beaten soundly by a team from Lockerbie skipped by Rachel Simms. The team of Rachel Simms (skip, Victoria Sloan (3rd), Lyndsey Davidson (2nd) and Laura Kirkpatrick (lead). The Alternate is Frances McKerrow. Only Edwards and McKerrow have had World Junior experience, McKerrow as alternate last year and Edwards as skip of the Scottish team in 2002 and playing second to his brother David in 2001

European Champions to represent Sweden in the World's

[Feb 03, PA] Härnösand's Anette Norberg, the reigning European Champion, will represent Sweden in the World's after defeating last year's team from Sveg skipped by Margaretha Sigfridsson in the finals of the Swedish "Elitserien" with 6-4. The rink that also consists of Anette's sister Cathrine, Eva Lund and Helena Lingham has won the European Curling Championships in 2001 and 2002 and lost the final in the World's 2001 to Colleen Jones of Canada.

The results.

Minnesota, the state of choice for the USA

[Feb 03, PA] The reigning World Women Junior Curling Champions, the Minnesota rink skipped by Cassie Johnson won the US Junior's last weekend after defeating another Minnesota team skipped Aileen Sormunsen in the finals with 6-4. They will travel to Flims in order to defend their title from last year when they beat Matilda Mattsson of Sweden in the finals of the WJCC. In addition to Cassie, the team consists of Katie Beck, Rebecca Dobie and Maureen Brunt.

That's a trip that the men's champions will not make since the USA men's team is not qualified for this year's WJCC. The team from Minnesota skipped by Jesse Gates won against Zach Jacobsen's North Dakota rink with 5-4 after a missed draw for the win by Jacobsen.

The results.

Thomas Løvold from Lillehammer wins the Norwegian Junior's

[Feb 03, PA] The Lillehammer rink skipped by Thomas Løvold won the Norwegian Junior Championships last weekend by defeating the team from Oppdal skipped by Anders Bjørgum with 11-1. Part of the Løvold team was the same that secured a place in the WJCC last month when they won the WJCC "B" tournament in Denmark. The team consists of Thomas, Petter Moe, Håvard Espelund and Bård Rieber-Mohn

Continental Cup 2003 awarded to Thunder Bay, Ontario

[Jan 30, PA] The CCA announced on January 28th that the Continental Cup 2003 has been awarded to Thunder Bay of Ontario. The inaugural Continental Cup was played in November 2002, a huge TV success and was won by the North American team on the last stone of the last game.

Read more about it.

Alberta and Saskatchewan to represent Canada in the World Senior's

[Jan 30, PA] The Alberta rink skipped by Tom Reed will represent Canada in the World Senior Curling Championships after defeating Manitoba's Doug Armour with 6-2 in the final. Reed's team-mates are Warren Kushnir, Larry Gardeski and Garry Landry.

Saskatchewan will be the women's representative since the team skipped by Nancy Kerr defeated British Columbia's Karen Lepine with 8-7 after an extra end. Joining Kerr to play in Winnipeg will be Linda Burnham, Kenda Richards and Gertie Pick.

To see all the results, click here.

Sundsvall's Per Carlsén makes second straight trip to the World's

[Jan 26, PA] Sundsvall's Per Carlsén will get a chance to better his World Championship tally after defeating Östersund's Peter "Peja" Lindholm in the finals of the Swedish qualification to the World's in Winnipeg. Sundsvall that has a slightly different line-up this season won with 6-3 where Per Carlsén's last stone of the fourth end, a triple-takeout that gave them 4 points proved to be the game winner. The Swedish team in the World's consists of Per, Mikael Norberg and the brothers Fredrik and Rickard Hallström.

The results from the Swedish "Elitserien".

Norway, Finland and Russia through to the WJCC

[Jan 12, PA]  Norway, Finland and Russia are the nations that qualified to the World Junior's in March from the World Junior's "B" tournament held in Tårnby in Denmark.

In the men's tournament, Norway's Thomas Løvold won the final against Finland's Thomas Vuori with 4-3 and in the women's tournament Russia's Nkeiruka Ezekh won in front of Norway's Linn Githmark.

These four national teams are qualified for the WJCC in Flims in two months. 

Visit our WJCC "B" pages.

European Curling Championships awarded to Basel and Andorra

[Dec 12, PA, HS]  The ECF assembly today decided to give the 2006 European Championships to Basel and the 2007 event to Andorra. Regarding Basel it will be first time a European championship hosted by the Swiss will take part outside the alpine region.

Read more about it.

12 teams in the World's and other decisions by the WCF

[Dec 11, PA, HS] The WCF held a semi-annually meeting during the ECC in Grindelwald and made some major decisions regarding the sport for the next couple of years. Regarding the World Curling Championships it was decided that as of 2005 the men's and women's WCC will be played separately as they were before 1989. It was also decided to increase the number of teams in the tournament to 12.

There were also a number of other decisions regarding the rules and development assistance.

Read all the decisions in the WCF Press Release.

First time for curling in World University Games

[Nov 21, PA] Curling is an option sport for the first time at the 21st Winter World University Games scheduled in January for Tarvisio, in the north-eastern part of Italy. The field has been set with an entry of ten men’s and eight women’s teams who will compete for curling medals from January 16th to 23rd , 2003, with the Games closing ceremonies set for January 26th

Read more about it

Daniela Jentsch wins the German Women's Bundesliga

[Nov 18, PA] The German Women's Bundesliga championships 2002 was won by a young team skipped by Daniela Jentsch. They won 7 out of 8 games, one game ahead of Andrea Schoepps team.

The winners will represent Germany in the European Curling Championships in December and besides Daniela Jentsch the team consisted of Conny Stock, Josephine Obermann, Lisa Hammer and Sina Frey.

You can read the results here.

Preliminary broadcast schedule for the ECC

[Nov 18, PA]  There will be plenty of opportunity for the European curling fans to follow the Le Gruyère AOC European Curling Championships in December. Eurosport will broadcast no less than 41 hours, most of it live. The preliminary schedule looks like this:

05/12 17 - 19 10/12 12-15, 16-19
06/12 8:30 - 11:00, 12-14:30,    
16-18:30, 21:30-23
11/12 16-19, 21-23
07/12 21-23 12/12 17-19, 20-23
08/12 21-23 13/12 21-23
09/12 12-15, 21-23 14/12 12-13, 22-24

World Wheelchair Curling Championships to Switzerland and Italy

[Nov 18, HS] The World Wheelchair Curling Championships in 2004 will be held in Sursee, Switzerland from 19-24 January and in 2005 in Torino, Italy when it will also be used as a test event for the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games. Sursee was also the host of the first WWCC in 2002 where teams from nine nations participated.

This and more in the WCF Newsletter.

Roy Sinclair member of the IOC Evaluation Commission

[Nov 18, HS] The WCF-president Roy Sinclair has been appointed by the IOC as one of the Winter Sports representatives on the IOC Evaluation Commission for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This Commission will be responsible for reporting to the IOC on the quality of the bids from the three remaining Candidate cities for 2010. Vancouver, Canada; Pyeonchang, South Korea; Salzburg, Austria. The fourth candidate, Berne, withdrew earlier this month.

The election of the host city will take place at a meeting in Prague on 2 July 2003.

North America wins inaugural Continental Cup

[Nov 11, PA] As so often in curling, it came down to the final end in the final game when the first Continental Cup was decided. Canada's Kevin Martin made a steal in the final skins game against Sweden's Peter Lindholm to give North America the win with 207-193.

Read more about it, click here or here.
The complete results.

Korea and Japan wins the PCC

[Nov 10, PA] Korea's men's team and Japan's women's teams won the PCC that finished on Sunday in Queenstown, NZ. Japan's women was the dominating team and lost only a single game all through the week. In the finals they defeated Korea that represented the region in the WCC last spring with an easy 8-3. In the men's tournament Korea defeated Australia in the finals with 5-2. These two nations will now represent the Pacific region in the World Curling Championships in April.

You find all the results here.

PCC, getting closer to the playoff's

[Nov 07, HF] The third day of competition at the 2002 Pacific Curling Championships was a great one for the host country of New Zealand, with the Men's team winning both of their games and leading the Men's competition, and the Women's team recording their biggest win ever.

The Men had a 7-5 win over Australia in their morning game, and defeated China by a 12-4 score in the afternoon session.    The two wins leave New Zealand in first place with a 5-1 record.   There are four rounds remaining in the men's round-robin phase.  The Men will face Japan and Korea on Friday.

The Women recorded the biggest win ever by a New Zealand womens side, scoring an upset 11-7 win over defending Pacific champion Korea.   The win combined with their first win last night over China sees the women in position to make the top four and Sunday's playoffs.

Round-robin play continues Friday and Saturday, with the semi-finals and finals on Sunday.

The results can be found here.

Ulsrud wins the Norwegian Premier League

[Nov 04, MU] This year's Norwegian Premier League (Eliteserien) has been completed and the men's league was won by Snarøen, team Thomas Ulsrud. The Ulsrud rink won 12 out of the 14 games, 3 wins better than second placed team Øystein Sørum from Oslo CK. The Olympic champions Pål Trulsen concentrated on their preparations for the Continental Cup, played only during the first weekend and brought in  reserves for the second.  

Among it was the young team from Risenga CK, Linn Githmark that won the title in front of the double world champion, Dordi Nordby's rink.After the round-robin both teams had the same number of wins but the Githmark rink was placed first.

For more information (in Norwegian), click here.

TV Challenge game between Olympic and World Champions

[Nov 01, PA] Great Britain's Olympic Champions, team Rhona Martin will play Scottish World Champions, team Jackie Lockhart in a televised challenge game. The challenge hosted by the British Olympic Association at Brahead, on Sunday December 1 will be aired live across the UK on BBC Two between 2pm and 5pm.

To read more about it, click here

The Queenstown Curling Festival is successfully under way in New Zealand.

[Oct 28, Keith Wendorf] To start this event a Level I Ice Technician Course was conducted by Canadian Doug Wright and four sheets of championship quality curling ice were installed in the Queenstown Arena.

This was followed by the WCF Olympic Celebration Tour (O.C.T.) event which has Hammy McMillan as the participating Olympic athlete, and Keith and Susan Wendorf as the event instructors. The O.C.T. has been combined with the New Zealand Secondary Schools Curling Championships which were completed on Sunday, October 27, 2002.

The photo shows Hammy with the two winning teams. Left to right, back row: Maniototo Area School - Scott Becker (Skip), Aaron Scott (Lead), Hammy, Rupert Jones (Third) and Warren Kearney (Second); and left  to right, front row: Birkenhead College, Auckland - Tash Dallow (Third & Skip), Catherine Vaka (Skip & Third), Roz McKenzie (Lead), and Caroline Slooten (Second).

The Festival continues with an O.C.T. Media/Press day on Monday, October 28th, and that will be followed by various Instructor and Umpire Courses, the New Zealand National Club Championships, and the Pacific Curling Championships.

Scotland beats Sweden 8-7 in an international challenge game

[Oct 17, PA] Scotland's Rhona Martin defeated Sweden's Anette Norberg with 8-7 in a challenge game played today at the Sundbyberg's Curling Rink outside Stockholm. The game was close until the ninth end where Rhona Martin was able to secure a four-pointer to lead 8-5 and Sweden wasn't able to get more than two points back in the last end.

The game was played as a part of a promotion campaign for Scottish Tourism, Sports and Culture that takes place in Stockholm between the 16-19th of September.

World Seniors Curling Championships has changed its dates

[Oct 17, PA] The dates for the second WSCC's has been changed to April 2nd to 6th so the final will be played on the second day of the World Curling Championships.

Former ECF-president Eric Harmsen dead at 74

[Oct 16, PA] Eric Harmsen, former President of the European Curling Federation, has died at the age of almost 75 years. He was the president of the European Curling Council which became the European Curling Federation between 1983 and 1988

To read more, click here.

Inaugural Keg Continental Cup set for Regina

[Oct 11, PA] It's only a month left until the inaugural Keg Continental Cup will be played in Regina, Canada. Two teams, one from North America and one from the rest of the world will compete in something that is hoped to become the Ryder Cup of curling.

The competition is sanctioned by the World Curling Federation, USA Curling and the Canadian Curling Association.

Find the Keg Continental Cup website.
Read the latest press release.

Norberg replaces Gustafson in the European Curling Championships

[Oct 01, PA] The executive of the Swedish Curling Association today nominated team Härnösand Anette Norberg to replace team Umeå, Elisabet Gustafson in the European Championships in December. Norberg is the reigning champion and will now get the chance to defend their title from last year.

Elisabet Gustafson call it quits

[Sep 20, PA] They are arguably the most succcessful curling team of all times. Now, after 4 World Championships, 4 European Championships and an Olympic bronze, team Elisabet Gustafson has decided to call it quits.

The Swedish team with Elisabet, Katarina Nyberg, Louise Marmont, Elisabeth Persson (and in recent years Christina Bertrup) have decided that it's time to give more time to family life and work.

Their last competition together will be the Continental Cup, November 7-10.

Meeting of champions in Sundbyberg

[Sep 11, PA] The reigning olympic champions, Rhona Martin of Great Britain and Scotland will play against the reigning European Champions, Anette Norberg of Sweden in an exhibition game on October the 17th in the Sundbyberg Curling Rink outside Stockholm, Sweden.

The game is part of a British promotion campaign in Sweden regarding Scottish culture, tourism and sports.

Continental Cup 2002 - teams announced

[May 07, PA] The teams for the inaugural Continental Cup, to be contested November 7-10, 2002 at the Agridome in Regina, Canada were announced today by the Canadian Curling Association and World Curling Federation. The $200,000 Continental Cup, a unique curling competition, will match three men's and three women's teams from North America against six teams from 'the world' in a Ryder Cup-like format.

Read more about it. 


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