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9 April 2003

Greece and Ukraine new members of the WCF

Two new nations, Greece and Ukraine, were accepted as a new members today at the General Assembly of the World Curling Federation which took place at Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg.  Some other countries are negotiating about memberships in the WCF.

Future venues

There were reports from venues that already have been appointed hosts for the World Championships.

Gävle (pronounced “Yeahvlae”) in Sweden, host in 2004 made a very nice presentation with a lot of humour, using their mascot Goatee to introduce Gävle to the international representatives.

WCF President Roy Sinclair reported that Canada will host the 2005 Ford World Championships but the site will be recommended by the Canadian Curling Association later this year.

For 2006 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA was awarded the Ford WCC already last year in Bismarck but since the WCF have decided to split the men’s and women’s world championships Lowell has now decided to host the men’s event.

For the World Women´s Championships in  2005 the German President Lilly Hummelt expressed interest to host the event somewhere in Germany. Halden in Norway had already expressed interest for the world ladies.

For the WJCC 2004 Roy Sinclair reported that the WCF  is to conclude negotiations with Trois Rivières in Quebec, Canada.

In 2005 the WJCC will be organised in Pinerolo, Italy where the venue for the Olympic curling tournament for Torino 2006 will be constructed. Pinerolo is situated about 35 kilometres south-west of Torino. As in 1997 and 2001 the World Junior Championships will be the test event for the Olympic curling games.

For the World Juniors in 2006 the representatives of the Korean Curling Association presented a bid to organise the event in Jeonju where the 2001 Pacific Curling Games were organised.  Hugh Millikin, WCF representative of Australia and skip of many Australian teams at World and Pacific championships supported the Korean bid and said that the facilities and organisation at Jeonju is excellent.

The World Wheelchair Championships for 2004 will take place in Sursee in Switzerland in the same venue as in 2002. For 2005 Braehead, Glasgow will be the host. The WWCC 2004 and 2005 will be the qualifying events for the 2006 Paralympic Games in Torino when curling will become an official medal sport.

Rule changes

The general assembly also approved some changes of the rules of play and rules of competition.

  • The width of the ice sheet may be reduced from 4,75m (15ft 7 inches) to 4,42 m (14 ft 6 inches)
  • Substitute of  a team coming in during a game will be permitted to play at any position and the rotation of play may be changed at the discretion of the skip or coach who shall inform the Chief Umpire of the new rotation.
  • Sweeping behind the teeline. Any one player of the delivering team may continue to sweep their stone behind the tee line.
  • Time-out at World Championships. Each team may call two 60 second time-outs per game excluding extra ends and one 60 second time-out during an extra end. The game time will be reduced to 73 minutes.
  • The minimum age limit for participating in a World Curling Championship, currently 16, is being removed.

The exact wordings of the new WCF rules will be sent to the national curling associations later this spring for updating their own rule books.

Håkan Sundström - WCF Media Relations Officer


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