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[14 Apr 02]

German Curling Association / Deutscher Curling Verband e.V. (DCV)

National coach (DCV Bundestrainer)

The German Curling Association announces that it is now accepting applications for the position of National Curling Coach for their Association.

Contract Start Date: September 1, 2002

Salary/Wages: To be based on the successful applicants experience and qualifications, and how the contract is arranged , either continual full-time, or, annually from 1 September until April 30

Position Responsibilities:

  • help to organize the training programs / events of the elite DCV curlers
  • assist in the training of DCV curlers and coaches (Men, Women & Juniors)
  • give input into the making of the annual DCV training budget
  • help to implement and control the annual training budget
  • be involved with coaching / training at Worlds, Europeans and the Olympics
  • give advice during the selection of the National Carded athletes
  • help to organize and run the various National playdowns
  • help with the general development of curling witin Germany

Deadline for Submitting Applications: June 30, 2002

Applications: Should contain a Resume of all important information including: name of applicant, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, curling and coaching experience, languages spoken, educational background, other items (fitness or nutritional courses, etc...)  that would assist in fulfilling the National Coach position.

Send Applications to:

Deutscher Curling Verband e.V
Rosenheimer Strasse 143A
D-81671 München, Deutschland
Tel/Fax: +49-89-499 186 86


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