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This page will try to cover aspects of curling which you may not normally think of.

Collecting stamps

Collecting stamps is a hobby for millions of people around the world. Very often philatelists collects certain themes like artworks or sports and if so, why not stamps with curling pictured? Fortunately (or not) this will not be a extensive collection since our sport isn't too common among stamps. Here is a collection of the stamps that we know about. We wish to thank Olle Håkansson of Sundsvall, Sweden for the information. If you know of a stamp that is not shown here, please tell us about it.

Canada, 1969

Canada, 1974

(Olle would like to apologise for the bad quality but scanners have problems with the handling of red upon red)

France, 1992

Japan, 1998

Canada, 2002

Sharjah, 1968

Stamps from "countries" like Sharjah are "blacklisted" among serious collectors since they are not "real" stamps. In this case they cannot been studying curling all too carefully. The broom looks a bit tough to handle.



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