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Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2006

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2006

The Ford World Women's CC 2006 web site.
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Note: Unfortunately I'm not able to be on-site but the WCF media relation officer Håkan Sundström will write reports and shoot some pictures for you. Updates on this site will only be performed once a day.//Paul.

Sweden with Anette Norberg, Eva Lund, Cathrine Lindahl´ Anna Svärd and their alternate Ulrika Bergman defended their World title after beating team USA with 10-9. Anette Norberg won the final on her last stone, a draw into the four foot when USA was lying with two stones. This season the Swedish team has won the European Championship in December, the Olympic Games in february and the World Championship in March. Queens of curling!

1st end:

USA put up a center guard and Sweden drew behind. Swedish second Cathrine Lindahl played a guard with her second stone. US third Allison Pottinger drew on the other side and stopped as shot stone. Swedish third Eva Lund followed and hit the US stone so Sweden was lying two. Pottinger now tried to make  a double take-out but hit only one. Eva Lund played towards the American stone but wrecked a guard. USA was lying with second shot but Sweden had another three counters in the house before Debbie McCormick´s first stone. She played a draw towards the Swedish shot, touched it and stopped as second shot.

Sweden now asked for a time-out with their coach Stefan Hasselborg to work out the possibilities  of getting a big house. The Swedes decided to draw around the center guard towards their own shot and stopped just in front of their shot.

McCormick played a draw that stopped in front of the Swedish guard. Anette Norberg played her last stone as a draw for two but she touched another Swedish stone so only one for Sweden. 1-0. 

2nd end:

Swedish lead Anna Svärd drew into the house and US lead Natalie Nicholson took it out. After Svärd had hit-and-stayed Debbie McCormick asked for a corner guard from Nicholson.

Cathrine Lindahl hit the corner guard but stopped as guard on the other side.

Then the players exchanged take-outs. Debbie McCormick tit and rolled out so Anette Norberg drew in to the house behind the corner guard on the other side. It was quite hidden so McCormick had to draw for one in the open house. 1-1.

3rd end:

USA put their first stone in the front rings and Sweden put up a corner guard. After an American miss Lindahl took out the American shot stone. Joraanstad answered with the same until Lindahl hit and rolled to the side. Then Pottinger hit and rolled into the house and Eva Lund hit and rolled in behind the corner guard. Pottinger peeled the guard giving Lund the chance to draw to the other side, building up a deuce.

Debbie Mc Cormick tried to make a long double take-out but she hit-and-stayed. Anette Norberg hit the American stone in the nose so Debbie chose to hit the other Swedish stone.

She hit but rolled out of the house giving Anette a whole house for a deuce. 3-1.

4th end:

Anna Svärd draw to the four foot and Nicholson hit and rolled out. Svärd drew to the button with next but now USA played a freeze that was to heavy and Cathrine Lindahl could easily hit the American stone.  Nicole Joraanstad put a good freeze on the Swedish shot and Lindahl broke up the stones, leaving USA the shot. Eva Lund hit the shot but rolled out, Pottinger played a freeze on the Swedish shot.

Lund missed completely hitting the American second stone giving USA a chance to build up a three-ender. Pottinger hit on her own pushing the Swedish stone a little bit. USA now lying three.

Now Sweden was in big trouble. Anette Norberg draw against the American stone, lying as second stone. Now USA asked for a time-out with their coach Wally Henry. How to get oput of the Swedish stone without sacrificing too many of their own.

Debbie MacCormick did not get out the Swedish stone. Instead got gthe chance of freezing on the US shot. But Anette´s draw stopped towards the American third stone. McCormick played a heavy take-out against the package of stones and got out all the Swedish stones for four and a lead of 5-3.

5th end:

Nicholson drew into the house and Svärd put up a corner guard. Nicholson drew her second stone into the house. Svärd then took one stone out. Lindahl hit and-and stayed and then Pottinger hit the Swedish stone. Eva Lund drew around the corner guard but stayed open for a hit by Pottinger.  Lund now hid her second stone behind the guard

McCormick  drew around the Swedish corner guard on the other side but stayed open. Anette Norberg played a freeze on the US shot, lying shot. McCormick played a take out but didn´t take out the Swedish stone. Instead Anette got a chance to make a double take-out on both US stones for a three-ender. The same take-out as she did in the Olympic final and Sweden took the lead with 6-5.

6th end:

Anna Svärd put her first stone just behind the tee line. Natalie Nicholson put up a corner gard and the Svärd drew into the house close to the first stone. Nicholson hit the Swedish stone and Cathrine Lindahl took out the American stone and slid behind the US corner guard with the shooter. Nicole Joraanstad tried to draw around the corner guard but stopped in front of the house. Lindahl drew into the house and Joraanstad hit Lindahl´s stone.

Eva Lund draw to the button with her first stone.  Allison Pottinger hit Lund´s shot and Lund answered with the same shot and Pottinger repeated her first stone.

Anette Norberg hit Pottinger´s stone. Now Debbie McCormick had to hit and roll to get shot stone. She rolled but Sweden was still lying shot. Anette Norberg now was forced to put her last stone in tgbe lother side behind the tee line to eliminate a big house for USA. A perfect draw by Anette so Debbie had to draw for one. She was too heavy and Sweden stole one to 7-5.

7th end:

Sweden drew into the house as usual and USA put up a corner guard. The Anna Svärd made a raise oon her own stone. Natalie Nicholson took both Swedish out and then Cathrine Lindahl hit the American stone. Nicole Joraanstad drew around the corner guard and then Lindahl missed completely. USA drew one more towards the hidden one. Eva Lund wrecked the guard and took also out the Swedish stone in the house.

Good opportunity for USA to tie the game. Allison Pottinger drew into to the other side.

Eva Lund tried an  double take-out but got out only one. Pottinger tried to get the Swedish stone out but made it to a shot instead.

Anette Norberg hit an American stone on the other side. But good chance for Debbie McCormick to get out the Swedish shot by a tap on her own third stone. She made it and USA was lying three.

Anette Norberg tried to shoot all US stones out. She got out two but McCormick drew her last stone for two and tied the game 7-7.

8th end:

USA put their first stone in the four foot. Sweden out up a corner guard. USA guarded their shot and Sweden tried to draw behind the guard.

Sweden could keep their shot in spite of a couple of American efforts to hit it Both skips tried to draw better and Anette was Norberg was successful to draw for two with her last stone. 9-7.

9th end:

Anna Svärd drew into the house and Natalie Nicholson out up two corner guards. Cathrine Lindahl started to peel the guards.  Nicole Joraanstad drew behind the corner guard and Eva Lund peeled the guard.

Pottinger put a freeze on Swedish second shot and Lund took both stones out. Pottinger put another stone in the house and Anette Norberg tried to make a double take-out. She hit one and touched the other one.

Debbie McCormick drew to the other side. Norberg had to hit on the nose to lye shot. She hit but rolled out leaving the house for McCormick to tie the game 9-9.

10th end:

Nicholson put up a centre guard. Anna Svärd moved it a little bit and her shooter stayed as a biter. USA put up another centre guard. Anna moved it very well away from the centre line. Joraanstad put up a guard and Cathrine Lindahl peeled it.

Pottinger drew into the house stopping in the back of the house. Eva Lund could peel the last centre guard.  Pottinger put up a centre guard and Lund peeled.

Debbie McCormick  put up a new centre guard and Anette Norberg peeled it.

When McCormikck played her last stone she had only 50 seconds left on the clock. Debbie draw into the house but left the whole four foot to put her last stone for the victory.

Anette Norberg´s last draw seemed to be heavy but it stopped when it had curled into the centre line and Sweden got the World gold medal for the second straight year.




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