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Canada – Scotland

 An exciting start of the game. Canada´s skip Jean Michel Menard made a nice inwick behind a guard but the Scottish skip David Murdoch answered with the same nice inwick on another stone for one point. 0-1.

Scotland put up a centre guard and both teams drew behind it. Canadian second Eric Sylvain broke up the stone package. Canada´s third Francois  Roberge  tried to make a double take-out but went through both Scottish stones but Canada still had the shot behind two Scottish stones. David Murdoch played an excellent  tap on his own and got Canadas shot out. Menard now was facing two Scottish counters. He played a double take-out but was lying open with his shooter so Murdoch could hit that one to lye two. Canada was forced to play a hit-and-stay for one. 1-1. 

In the third end Canada got an advantage after half of the end. Scottish third Ewan MacDonald failed to make a double take-out and got only one out.  Roberge hit Scotland´s third stone so Canada was lying three.  MacDonald drew into the house and stopped as shot ,half hidden. Menard followed and stopped in the four-foot. A chance for Scotland to build a deuce. But Murdoch wrecked a guard so Menard could put up a guard for his shot. It stopped on the four-foot ring and made it difficult for Murdoch to score a deuce or even a single. Instead Murdoch tried to make an angled raise and did it so well that he got a single. 1-2.

In the fourth end Canadian third Roberge had a chance to make a double take out to lye two but missed. Instead MaDonald hit the Canadian stone and then  Scotland was lying three. Sp was the satiation for Menard. He tried to hit and roll but stayed open for Murdoch´s last stone, a hit-and-stay. The Canadian skip had to draw against three counters. He had some luck, touched the shot but stopped as shot to tie the game 2-2.

In the fifth end Scotland got the advantage for a deuce situation after good stones by lead Euan Byers and second Warwick Smith. Roberge was facing two Scottish stone with his first. But he hit one of them and rolled over and froze on the other one. MaDonald break up the stone package and with his next stone he played a hit-and-stay så Scotland wads lying three before Menard´s first stone. He hit the shot and rolled in front of the other two Scottish stones. Murdoch drew behind a corner guard. Menard hit-and-stayed open for a deuce from Murdoch. 2-4.

Canada got the chanced to tie the game after a mistake by David Murdoch´s first stone was Scotland was lying shot. Menard could wick in for the shot and then Murdoch had to guard a risk for three for Canada. Menard drew to the button for a deuce and tied game 4-4.

In the seventh end there was an open take-out game in the house since no team managed to hit and roll behind Canadian centre guard. Then MacDonald peeled the guard, Murdoch blanked the end.

In the eighth end another two good stones by Byers gave Scotland advantage with two counters behind Canada´s centre guard.  Scotland was lying two after half of the end. But Roberge played an excellent double take-out and got both stones out and stopped with the shooter behind own guard.  Scotland got out Roberge´s stone and rolled in behind the guard. Menard managed after very hard sweeping come around the guard and hit the Scottish stone. No more roll over behind the guard so Murdoch blanked again. 4-4.

In the ninth end Scotland got the advantage and had two before Canada´s fourth stone. Eric Sylvain drew in for second shot. Warwick Smith peeled Canadas´s centre guard. Sylvain pushed the Scottish shot away from the four-foot. Smith tried to make a double on Canadas two stone but hit only one.

Canada now played a tap towards the Scottish shot. The Canadian stone stopped as shot behind a corner guard. MacDonald peeled the guard but that stopped towards the other Canadian stone in ythe house. Roberge played a guard in the house. MacDonald had to make a double on the Canadian stone but he only got out one. Skip Menard could have put up a guard but instead he took out Scotland´s second stone but opened for Murdoch to lye two. Murdoch hit-and stayed for two.

Menard now tried to make a double but got out only one so Scotland had a good chance for a deuce. Murdoch didn´t do any mistake so 6-4 for Scotland coming home.

In the last end Canada got up two centre guards very close the house and Scotland had a shot in  the four-foot. The Scots peeled one of the guards. Roberge was asked to draw behind the remaining corner guard. He drew but stopped half open and MacDonald hit the stone. Roberge  tried once more but raised his corner guard into the house, possible for Murdoch to take out. He dit it.

Now skip Menard tried the draw behind. His stone stopped in the back rings and Murdoch played a draw, trying to freeze. His stone didn´t freeze but stopped as second stone. Now Menard had to play a very difficult double take-out for two and tie the game. He missed and Scotland won the final. 7-4

Ewan MacDonald was later awarded the Sportsmanships Award, the Collie Campbell Award.







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