World Junior Curling Championships 2006

Russia and Canada win the gold medals

Russia beat Canada in the women's final this afternoon in Jeonju with a final score of 5-4. The game was close on the scoreboard but not really on the ice.

The Russians put pressure on Canada from the start but lost a single in the second when Canada put a good shot on the tee that they were never able to remove.

They continued and in the third end Russia scored a double but Mandy Selzer saved Canada from even more with a double take-out with her last shot.

Canada blanked the fourth and fifth ends but then had to single the sixth with a draw against two Russians stones. In the seventh Canada decided that they hade to attack but the Russian soft take-out game put pressure on the Canadians.

It looked like Canada was to score a triple but Privivkova ended up behind the tee with her first shot allowing Selzer to play a perfect freeze with her last stone. Privivkova decided for the draw but came up short, in principle her only miss of the day.

In the eighth Russia soon hade two counters and Canada was unable to get any take-out to stay in the house (rolled off) and Russia put the second stone back all the way through to score a double.

Canada scored a single in the ninth and had a corner guard in the tenth when Mandy Selzer played her last stone. She wasn't able to hide behind it with her last stone and Privivkova made no mistake. Russia won the gold medal.


It was a simple mistake in the fifth but it ended up costing Sweden the game. Going into the fifth, the score was 1-0 to Sweden. It started out with a regular opening, Sweden puts up a guard and Canada comes around but doesn't hide more than a part of the stone. Swedish lead Emanuel Allberg tried to remove it but rubbed the guard and missed.

Canada then played focused the rest of the end and were able to hide another stone behind the guard. Sweden tried double raises but never connected and in the end Charley Thomas had an open house for a triple.

Swedn was able to work their way back with singles in the sixth and the seventh but in the eight they lost three when Swedish skip Nils Carlsén tried an extremely hard peeling (about 5 secs, no kidding) to remove three Canadian counters but  didn't hit it right leaving an open take-out for another triple for Charley Thomas.

Canada then guarded their lead and ran Sweden out of stones in the tenth.

Canada lost to both Sweden and Scotland in the round-robin which probably let the others be the favorites. Canada re-grouped and played focused and well during the rest of the week and played two excellent games in the semifinal and the final.

All in all it can be said that the most consistent team won both tournaments. 




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