XX. Olympic Winter Games 2006


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Men final

Men Bronze

David Murdoch (GBR), Pete Fenson (USA), USA

Great Britain, Jacques Rogge, Great Britain


Women final

Stone of destiny...

Women bronze

Shannon Kleibrink (CAN), Canada x 2


Men semifinals

Russ Howard & Pete Fenson, Canada, Finland, David Murdoch & Ewan MacDonald (GBR)

Gushue makes the shot for 5!, Markku draws to the button for the win, USA's last desperate attempt


Women semifinals

Switzerland wins!, Switzerland, Canada

Mirjam Ott (SUI), Dordi's last draw (NOR), Shannon Kleibrink (CAN)

Sweden wins!

Women draw 12

Norway, USA, Canada

Lots of cameras at Pinerolo, Denmark, Kelly Wood & Lynn Cameron (GBR)


Men draw 12

Sean Becker (NZL), USA & Canada, Claudio Pescia (SUI)

Warren Dobson (NZL), USA & Canada

Women draw 11

Dordi Nordby (NOR), Dorthe Holm (DEN), Olga Jarkova (RUS)

Eva Lund & Anette Norberg (SWE), Ayumi Onodera & Yumie Hayashi (JPN)

Men draw 11

Hans Frauenlob (NZL), Finland, Germany

Warwick Smith (GBR), Russ Howard (CAN) Happy Birthday, Ralph Stöckli (SUI)

Women draw 10

Christine Keshen (CAN), Shannon Kleibrink & Amy Nixon (CAN), Mirjam Ott (SUI)

Kelly Wood (GBR), Canada


Men Draw 10

Kalle Kiiskinen (FIN), Pete Fenson (USA), Sean Becker (NZL)

Peja Lindholm (SWE), Uli Kapp (GER)

Women draw 9

Dordi Nordby (NOR), Cassie Johnson (USA), Ayumi Onodera (JPN)

Rhona Martin (GBR), Diana Gaspari (ITA)

Men draw 9

Russ Howard (CAN), Pete Fenson (USA), Pål Trulsen (NOR)

Switzerland, Uli Kapp (GER), Howard, Fabio Alvera and Joel Retornaz


Women draw 8

Ayumi Onodera (JPN), Shannon Kleibrink (CAN), Diana Gaspari (ITA)

Rhona Martin (GBR)

Men draw 8

Brad Gushue (CAN), Ewan MacDonald & David Murdoch (GBR), Peja Lindholm (SWE), Pete Fenson (USA)

Markku Uusipaavalniemi & Wille Mäkelä (FIN), Great Britain, Canada

Women draw 8

Diana Gaspari (ITA), Rhona Martin (GBR), Sweden

Canada (Amy Nixon playing)

Men draw 7

Markku Uusipaavalniemi (FIN), Kalle Kiiskinen (FIN), Tomas Nordin (SWE)

Andy Kapp (GER), Bent Ånund Ramsfjell (NOR)

Women draw 6

Dorthe Holm (DEN), Cassie Johnson (USA), Norway scores two in the third

Shannon Kleibrink & Dordi Nordby

Men draw 6

Lars Vågberg (NOR), David Murdoch (SCO), Pete Fenson (USA)

Sean Becker (NZL), Russ Howard (CAN)

Women draw 5

Diana Gaspari (ITA), Eva Lund (SWE), Anette Norberg (SWE)

Ayumi Onodera (JPN), Shannon Kleibrink (CAN)

Men draw 5

Pål Trulsen (but what is Warwick looking for?), Marco Mariani (ITA), USA

Marco Battilani sweeps (SUI), Stöckli (SUI)

Women draw 4

Norway, Sweden x 2

USA, Dorthe Holm (DEN)

Men draw 4

Markku Uusipavlniemi (FIN) & Sean Becker (NZL), Brad Gushue & Russ Howard (CAN), Canada vs Great Britain

Canada vs Great Britain, Pål Trulsen (NOR), HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

Women draw 3

Italy, Shannon Kleibrink (CAN), Norway

Ludmila Privivkova (RUS), Dorthe Holm (DEN), Denmark

Men draw 3

Pål Trulsen (NOR), Peter Lindholm (SWE), Andy Kapp (GER)

Ralph Stöckli (SUI), Russ Howard (CAN)

Women draw 2

Anna Svärd (SWE), Rhona Martin (GBR), Mirjam Ott (SUI)

Russia vs Japan, USA vs Canada

Men draw 2

It's the Olympics!, Sean Becker (NZL), David Murdoch (GBR)

Sweden vs Italy x 2, Andy Kapp (GER) and Russ Howard (CAN)

Women draw 1

Anette Norberg (SWE), Miriam Ott (SUI), Rhona Martin (GBR)

Dorthe Holm (DEN), Shannon Kelibrink (CAN)

Men draw 1

Norway x2, Ewan MacDonald (GBR)

USA, Finland

Team photos


Canada, Finland, Germany

Great Britain, Italy, New Zealand

Norway, Sweden, Switzerland



Canada, Denmark, Great Britain

Italy, Japan, Norway

Russia, Sweden, Switzerland





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