World Junior Curling Championships 2005

Canada win the men's gold

It was the final of missed opportunities. Both Sweden and Canada had chances to score threes and fours but in the end the final was decided in an extra end.

It started well for the Swedes when they stole a single in the second after Canada's skip Kyle George wrecked a guard with his final stone when he was to tap the Swedish shot. He came back and drew for a double in the fourth when Sweden's skip Nils Carlsén came up short when he tried to bury a shot behind a centre guard.

In the fifth Sweden had a good opportunity to score a triple but Nils Carlsén came narrow with his final shot and wrecked on one of Sweden's stones and Canada could steal to lead 3-1 at half-time. Sweden scored a double in the sixth and stole a single in the eighth where Kyle George had an opportunity to score at least two and probably four.

Sweden was sitting one with a shot on the top of the four-foot but George had an slightly angled raise for at least a double but the stone curled too much and he missed the opportunity. Canada came back and scored a double in the ninth to lead 5-4 coming home.

In the tenth the Swedes had a few opportunities to set-up the double needed for the win, the best with Nils Carlséns first stone where he was to hit & roll to sit three but went wide and hit the stone on the wrong side sending it down on the Swedish shots. Kyle put up another stone at the top of the four-foot but left the Swedish with an opportunity for a hack-weight double for the win.

Carlsén came very close of making it but the Canadian stone stopped with a fraction of an inch to spare so that Sweden only scored a single sending the game into an extra end.

In the extra end both teams tried to utilise the centre guard which left a lot of stones in the house (see picture below). With his final shot Nils Carlsén tried to play a double raise down on the Canadian shot but hit it slightly wide and Canada won the gold.

As of this year there is no All-Star teams awarded at the World Junior's. The Sportsmanship awards was won by Marte Bakk of Norway and Soo-Hyuk Kim of Korea.

The situation before Sweden's final stone in the extra end, Canada wins, It was so close for Sweden in the tenth

They had to look if Sweden had one or two (they had one and it went to an extra end)

Switzerland wins the gold!

From left: Tania Grivel, Michčle Jäggi, Pierre-Yves Grivel, Stephanie Rüeggsegger, Franziska Marthaler and Anna Hüggli

Switzerland won the women's gold at the World Junior Curling Championships in Pinerolo after beating Sweden in the final 10-2.

The final started with open play during the first ends and the score was 1-1 after three ends. In the fourth Switzerland was sitting two when Stina Viktorsson was to play her final shot of the end. Stina tried to tap a front stone into the house to score a point but was a bit heavy and Switzerland could steal to a 3-1 lead.

Sweden scored a single in the fifth and Switzerland made a draw into an empty house for a point and a 4-2 lead. In the seventh Viktorsson was forced to draw around an outside guard against two Swiss stones, came slightly heavy and Switzerland could steal another double.

In the eighth Stina Viktorsson once again faced a difficult draw to score a single, this time she came up short and yet another double steal for Switzerland to lead 8-2. In the ninth Viktorsson tried to play a hard double where she was supposed to tick the first stone and stick on the other but she came wide and missed both of the Swiss stones and the game was over.

Switzerland started the week well, lost it in the middle of the week just to get it back at the end and in the tie-breaker, semifinal and final Tania Grivel was playing excellent and the Swiss won a well deserved gold.

Stephanie Rüegsegger (SUI), Sweden, Tania Grivel (SUI)

Stina Viktorsson (SWE), Switzerland, Stina and Tania

Switzerland, Sweden, Canada

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