World Women's Curling Championship 2005

Sweden beat USA!

Sweden became Women's World Champions this afternoon by beating USA in a tight game even though the final score was 10-4. Anette Norberg has won the European Curling Championships five times but this was the first World title for the experienced Swedish skip. Third Eva Lund skipped Sweden to a World Junior title in 1991 and is one of only three players to win both the Junior's and the Women's.

The first two ends was as you would expect (open) and Sweden blanked both. In the third had a great to score four when Swedish skip Anette Norberg did a beatiful double take-out around a centre guard with her first stone. USA skip Cassie Johnson buried behind the guard and Norberg wrecked the guard when she tried to remove the USA shot for four points and instead USA stole one.

In the fourth USA played well and Norberg had to draw to the button against three shots which she did and Sweden equalised to 1-1. In the fifth Sweden put the first stone in the house and USA tried to blanked but stuck with Johnson's last shot. 2-1 to USA.

In the sixth Anette failed to remove an USA shot with her first stone just ticking it down in front of the Swedish shot. USA wrecked a guard with their attempt to come around to sit two and Norberg decided to peel the USA shot but didn't hit it enough and USA could steal one to lead 3-1.

In the seventh Sweden scored three when Cassie Johnson rolled out of the house with her final shot when she tried to hit & roll behind a guard and Norberg drew for three points and a 4-3 lead. In the eight Sweden played well and sat two when Johnson tapped the Swedish best stone for a single.

In the ninth Sweden played agressively and it paid when Cassie Johnson wasn't able to remove the Swedish shot and Norberg was able to draw for a double. Finally in the tenth Sweden was able to run USA out of stones to win 10-4.


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