Ford World Men's Curling Championship 2005

Third title for the Ferbey Canadian foursome

Randy Ferbey's Canadian foursome won their third Ford World title in four years when they beat Scotland in the final with 11-4 in eight ends. For Ferbey himself it was his fourth title which moves him up in parity with Ernie, Arnold and Garnet Richardson even though it must be said that Ferbey's achievment is greater since the curling world has grown since then.

The first end started with both teams playing around a centre guard and Canada stole one. In the second Scotland scored a double but in the third end disaster struck for the Scots. Scotland tried to hide behind a guard but Canada was able to hit & roll. When David Murdoch played his last shot Canada was sitting four. He tried to freeze the Canadian shot but was about a foot heavy so that Nedohin was able to remove it to score five points and with that the final was a done deal.

In the fourth Scotland blanked the end and then they scored a single in the fifth. Canada blanked the sixth and then scored another five in the seventh when Murdoch failed to freeze the Canadian shot with his last stone. Nedohin followed Murdoch and bumped the Scottish stone out of the house. In the eighth David Murdoch put his final shot on the button and then conceded the game.

Marco Mariani became the first Italian player to win the Colin Campbell award.

In the interviews on the podium all the Canadian players confessed that it was an extremely tough week and that they rank this gold the highest (of course) of the three they won. This Canadian team has show an ability to come back from behind and fight their way to victory in each and every game. Truly impressive champions.

Scotland, Germany, Marco Mariani and Canada

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