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World Wheelchair Curling Championships 2004

Scotland wins the 2nd WWCC!

Team Scotland, skipped by Frank Duffy, managed to go through the 2nd World wheelchair championship completely undefeated. In the final today Saturday in Sursee, Switzerland the Scotts beat Urs Bucher´s defending world champions from Switzerland with 6-3. Bucher had a chance with his last stone to tie the game for an extra end but he missed and the Scots stole one point to the final result 6-3. Together with Duffy the new world champions are Michael McCreadie, Ken Dickson, Angie Malone, Jim Sellar and their coach Jane Sanderson.

The Scottish team was in trouble in the first end when Switzerland was lying two but then Frank Duffy played a beautiful draw and saved one point for Scotland.

In end 2 Scotland was lying shot during the whole end but Swiss skip Urs Bucher had a chance to play a raise towards the shot to get two Swiss stones. He made a good try but one more point to Scotland.

Then in the third end the home crowd got an opportunity to cheer their team since they got three points and a half-time lead with 3-2.

However, the Scottish team showed immediately why it had beaten all their opponents in Sursee this week. They got the deuce back for a 4-3 lead. After a steal to 5-3 everybody thought that the exciting was over.

But the Swiss team consists of fighters and after a miss of the Scottish third Michael McCreadie the Swiss third Manfred Bolliger succeeded go give his skip four Swiss counters in the house. But then Frank Duffy came with a nice take-out for a double. Still the Swiss had a god chance to get the three stones to win the game but Urs Bucher rolled out with his shooter.

Frank Duffy hit and stayed as shot but that gave Bucher a good chance to hit and roll in for a deuce and an extra end. But his stone curled over and missed completely and the gold went to Scotland. Two years ago, the Swiss team got gold since the Canadian skip Chris Daw missed his last stone. This time the Canadians won the bronze medals after 6-5 against England. Daw stole the winning point in an extra end.

- Fantastic that we managed to go through the whole championship without a loss, said a very happy Scottish skip Frank Duffy after the game. The Scots will play oln home ice next year when Glasgow is the host city and Braehead the arena for the 3rd World Wheelchair Championship.

- Håkan Sundström


Photos by Håkan Sundström




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