World Junior Curling Championships 2004

Sweden wins the men's gold!

What a drama and what a game it was! Niklas Edin of Sweden had to peel a half-hidden Swiss shot to win the game and become world champion and he ended the championship the way he's been playing all week, flawlessly.

Sweden got a good start scoring a double in the first end after a missed take-out by Sven Iten of Switzerland. In the 2nd end the game was kept open but Stefan Rindlisbacher of Switzerland stuck with his last shot and Sweden had the lead 2-1. In the next end Switzerland played well and a great raise by Stefan Rindlisbacher with his last shot forced Niklas Edin to draw to the 4-foot to score the point, 3-1 Sweden.

Switzerland blanked the next end and now the game started to slowly shift to the Swiss, they made the shots and the Swedish third Nils Carlsén did not succeed as he has done through the week with the take-outs. In the 5th Niklas Edin rolled out with his last shot allowing Switzerland to steal a single, 3-2 to Sweden halfway through the game.

Switzerland then made two consecutive steals to lead the game 4-3. Sweden blanked the 8th and in the 9th came the game-winning shot. Switzerland had a well-guarded stone sitting on top of the 4-foot when Niklas Edin played his last shot, a long angled raise that peeled the Swiss shot and the end was scoreless so Switzerland had the lead 4-3 coming home.

In the last end Sweden got a few stones around the outer ring but with his last shot Stefan Rindlisbacher almost made the freeze on the best Swedish stone. Switzerland sat as shot but Edin could see something like a third of the stone through a port. Edin played a peel-weight and was able to peel the Swiss shot and leaving two Swedish stones in the house for the gold!

The sportsmanship awards were presented to Joel Retornaz, the Italian skip and Anna Viktorsson, the Swedish second.

Nils Carlsén, the Swedish third, set a two WJCC records in the final. First of all he is now one of the four players that played three junior finals and he is also the male player with the most wins in the WJCC history, his count is now 30 and he still only 18 and may very well get the chance to become the first with four finals under his belt.


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Left picture: Joel Retornaz (ITA), Right picture: The gold medalists

Norway wins the women's championship!

Who would have thought before the tournament that a team that never finished higher than 8th in seven tries would end up as the world champions? Linn Githmark and Marianne Rørvik made their record-breaking 8th appearance at the World Junior's and suddenly their game came together and when I talked to Marianne afterwards she said that the practice opportunities they have now when they're a part of the Olympic squad in Norway has improved their game.

The final itself was exciting but nothing to write home about. I counted that the skips missed their last shot in eight of the ten ends. It started in the second when Jill Mouzar had to draw  to the 4-foot to score but came slightly heavy and Norway was able to steal a single.

The same happened in the 3rd when Norway had an almost hidden stone behind a guard and Mouzar came wide again allowing another steal, 2-0 to Norway. In the 4th she finally put Canada on the board but she had a hit and stick for two but rolled off, 2-1 Norway.

In the 5th Canada finally got the break they needed. Canada was laying three when Linn Githmark was to play her last shot. Everybody thought she would tap a front stone into the house but she decided to go for a raise (completely wrong in my humble opinion) but didn't connect with any of the Canadian stones. 4-2 Canada.

In the 6th Linn Githmark drew behind a guard with her first shot, Jill Mouzar tried to follow but came a bit wide which allowed Linn to follow and tap the Canadian stone for a double. 4-4. In the 7th Linn Githmark played a wide last shot which set up a chance for a triple for Canada. Jill Mouzar unfortunately  hit & rolled off settling for a double. 6-4 Canada. In the 8th, Mouzar once again rolled off with her last shot allowing Linn Githmark to draw for a triple but she came short. 2 points for Norway, 6-6.

In the 9th, Norway was able to hide a stone on the button and Mouzar decided to let Norway have one point and put her stone through the house. 7-6 Norway. In the final end, Norway was laying two when it was time for Jill Mouzar's last shot of the game. She tried an outside draw to send the game to an extra end but picked up some frost and stopped 4 metres short of the house, Norway stealed a double 9-6 and they became the World Champions!


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Left picture: Norwegian boys team has already begun the summer season.


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