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Ford World Curling Championships 2004

Third gold for Lindholm!

In front of 3.870 people (best ever for Sweden) Peter "Peja" Lindholm and his team captured their third Ford World Curling Championships title in eight years in a well-played and exciting game at the World's Arena in Gävle, Sweden where they defeated Germany 7-6

Peter "Peja" Lindholm and his team made their fifth appearance in the final, the most of any team in World Championship history (four players have played five finals before, Dordi Nordby and Eigil Ramsfjell of Norway and David and Peter Smith of Scotland) and Peter made the "dream-shot" to win, a draw to the centre of the house.

In the 2nd end it looked like Sweden was set for a triple but Lindholm ticked a guard with his first shot and with his second he made a draw for a single against two German stones. In the 3rd it was the opposite, Germany had a good situation but two freezes from Lindholm saved it and Germany had to settle for a single.

In the 4th, Sweden was trying for a triple again. Lindholm tried to freeze a German stone with his first shot but curled over and Stock drew behind a guard and forced Lindholm to play a tap-back for a double, 3-2 Sweden. After four ends of attack curling the 5th was quickly over and Germany blanked the end.

In the 6th, Germany was sitting two when Lindholm played his last shot. He tried to hit the open shot and roll behind a centre guard but curled up and hit it on the nose and the stone didn't count. Sebastian Stock then made the draw for a double and the lead 4-3.

In the 7th, Germany had two stones almost buried behind a couple of guards but Tomas Nordin (Swedish third) was able to make the double to clear the house. Herberg buried again but this time Nordin wrecked the guard. Stock put a guard which Lindholm tried to raise but it jammed on the shot. Stock raised a stone on the left-hand side to sit two and Lindholm decided to try to reach the best through a narrow port which he did for a single and 4-4.

 In the 8th, both teams tried to utilise a guard and when Lindholm tapped and rolled with his last shot Sweden was sitting two. Sebastian Stock tried to come around to remove them but wrecked the guard and Sweden stole a double to lead 6-4.

In the 9th, Germany tried to use one of their corner-guards but Sweden was able to peel away the German stones. Stock was able to freeze a Swedish centre shot with his first and Lindholm tried to hit it on the nose but rolled to the side and Stock hit that one on the nose for a double, 6-6.

In the 10th, Germany tried to hide behind a centre guard and Sweden tried to raise the fronts and with Lindholm's first shot they succeeded. Stock tried to go around the outside on one of the corner guards but stopped at the eight-foot leaving Lindholm an easy draw for the gold medal.

Sportmanship awards to Sean Becker and Madeleine Dupont!

Gold for Canada!

Canada's Colleen Jones was able to put the loss in the bronze medal game in Bismarck behind her when she and her teammates easily defeated Norway 8-4 in the final. It was in Bismarck that Canada lead the bronze game 6-1 halfway through and still lost the game but it was obvious that nothing like this was to happen tonight. 

Dordi Nordby made her 5th appearance in a World Champhionship final but unfortunately it became quite clear early on in the game that this wasn't her day. She made some simple mistakes and Canada could slowly build on their lead and when  Norway only scored a single in the 9th they faced an impossible task in the final end.

Norway had to steal three to force an extra end in the 10th but when Kim Kelly played a perfect double on the two Norwegian stones sitting in the house it was all over and Canada could rejoice another gold at the Ford World Curling Championships!

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