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Ford World Curling Championships 2002

Women's Tie-breakers

Three teams will play for one spot in the semifinals. Canada was placed first due to the shoot-out draw and will have a bye in the first draw

Tie-break Draw 1, Thursday 11/4 18.00 (Local)

Switzerland wins first tie-break

Switzerland won the the tie-breaker game against Denmark tonight with 10-5. The Swiss girls played well and gave the Danish little opportunity to get any pressure on. Switzerland utilized to misses early on by the Danish to take a 4-1 lead and except for the three-pointer scored by Denmark in the fifth, they were in control of the game.

Switzerland seems to be on their way up and don't be surprised if they will put up quite a challenge for the Canadian rink tomorrow in the final tie-break for the last semifinal spot.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
DENMARK 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 0 X     5
    SWITZERLAND * 0 2 0 2 1 0 2 0 3 X     10
Pos Denmark





Leads Avijaja Lund Nielsen 92 81 Jeannine Probst 74 75
Second Malene Krause 74 77 Christina Schönbächler 88 75
Third Susanne Slotsager 69 71 Andrea Stöckli 57 74
Skips Lene Bidstrup 81 76 Manuela Kormann 90 79
  Team totals 79 76 Team Totals 77 75

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Game report

(Excuse me for any mixing of tenses...)

Switzerland blanked the first end. In the second the game was kept in the
house and Switzerland could score a deuce after a missed takeout by Denmark. Also in the third, the game was kept in the house. Denmark tries to freeze the Swiss shot with Bidstrup's first stone, good weight but slightly wide. Switzerland removes the Danish best stone and Denmark has to settle for one point. The fourth end was also kept in the house but Switzerland could score two after Lene Bidstrup missed an open take-out. In the fourth there is finally some guards and it ends with a stolen point, 5-1 Switzerland (I took some photographs, thereof the sketchy report).

In the fifth, Denmark was able to utilize of a Swiss centre-guard. Denmark got two stones behind the guard. Switzerland tried to raise the Danish shot, hits it but sent it down in the back of the house and it was stopped by a Swiss stone. Denmark hit a Swiss stone to sit three. Kormann tried to hit & roll but just pushed the Danish shot a bit and Bidstrup could do a hit & stick for three points, Switzerland by 5-4.

In the sixth end Denmark tried to use a guard to draw behind. Switzerland
finally wrecks the guard. The rest of the end was open play. Denmark tried
to freeze with Lene Bidstrup's first stone but Kormann was able to play a
double and roll to sit two. Denmark decided to freeze the Swiss shot, came up a bit short but was shot. Switzerland peeled the Danish stone for
two points, Switzerland by 7-4.

In the 7th, Switzerland tried to keep the game in the house, but Denmark was able to use their well-known ability to freeze the opponents stones to create trouble for the Swiss team. When Kormann played her last stone Denmark was lying two. She played a hit & stick on the shot but allowed Denmark to do the same for two points but she hit her own, then the Swiss stone and got only one point, Switzerland 7-5.

In the 8th Denmark tried to work their two free-guard zone stones but two missed stones left them without guards. After a missed Swiss peeling they had a guard but the Swiss were able to hit & stick on whatever the Danish put in the house. Bidstrup put her last stone on the button but Switzerland is able to remove it for two points and Denmark concedes the game.

Tie-break Draw 2, Friday 12/4 09.30 (Local)

Canada wins tie-breaker

In a tight, tight game it came down to a few stones that decided the game. Switzerland went into the 9th leading by one, controlled the end but hit their last peeling fat to leave Canada the chance to a deuce and the 5-4 lead. Kormann had to draw to tie the game in the 10th and lead the game into an extra end.

Switzerland started well but in my opinion put up one guard to many allowing Canada to peel their way through the end. Colleen Jones hit her last peel fat and Switzerland could hide behind the Jones stone but left almost the full 8-feet-circle to Colleen to make the draw. No problems for Colleen and Canada will play Scotland while Sweden plays Norway in the women's semifinals.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
CANADA * 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 1     6
    SWITZERLAND 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0     5
Pos Canada





Leads Nancy Delahunt 82 82 Jeannine Probst 90 77
Second Mary-Anne Waye 83 75 Christina Schönbächler 81 75
Third Kim Kelly 84 81 Andrea Stöckli 81 75
Skips Colleen Jones 86 76 Manuela Kormann 91 80
  Team totals 84 79 Team Totals 86 76

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Game report

Almost as always in important women's games at the international level the first few ends was kept in the house, the only points scored with the last  stones. After three ends the score was 1-1.

In the 4th, Switzerland was able to get two stones in the house but not guarded. Canada tried to hit & roll behind a guard with Colleen Jones first stone but didn't roll enough. Switzerland made a hit & stick and Colleen Jones made the draw for one point. Canada 2-1.

In the 5th, a miss by Canada early in the end allowed the Swiss to
put up the first real attack of the game. A great double by Canada's Waye swinged to initiative over to Canada and Kelly tried to draw behind (I think at least) but didn't get the swing. Stöckli made a hit & stick, Kelly hit & rolled away from the guard. With her first stone Kormann made an excellent hit & roll behind the guard to put pressure on Jones. Jones tried to draw behind the guard and hide but didn't quite get the swing she needed (they came up wide on all their draws of this end actually). Switzerland played a hit & stick with hack weight, well executed for two Swiss points. Switzerland 3-2.

In the 6th, Canada started by throwing a corner but when Switzerland got two stones in the house they shifted to take-out and removed the Swiss shot. Switzerland removed the Canadian stone and we went back to the hit&stick game again. Finally Colleen Jones peeled the Swiss shot to blank the end, Switzerland 3-2

A missed peel of a Canadian corner allowed Canada to attack in the 7th. Canada was able to make the Swiss miss one of their shot allowing them to set-up a two-tempo. A nice hit&roll by Canada that landed behind the cornerguard really put the pressure on Stöckli of Switzerland. An excellent double by Stöckli removed the tempo. Kelly drew behind the cornerguard again. The Swiss only touched the Canadian shot and Jones drew a second shot behind the guard. Kormann does an excellent double take to clear the house of Canadian stones. Jones tried to peel the Swiss shot (Kormann's last stone) but hit & sticked. Even 3-3.

The 8th end started with an excellent short centre guard by Canada, Switzerland drew behind but behind the tee-line. Canada drew on top of the Swiss stone. Switzerland tried to follow but ended up as a guard on top of the Canadian guard.
Waye put up another guard and Switzerland peeled the two centreguards but sticked. When Switzerland's Stöckli played her first stone she had a way in to the Canadian shot, hit it and & sticked put tapped the Canadian stone down on their second. Kelly's hit&sticked to sit 2. Switzerland tried the double, hit the first but rolled out just above the second Canada shot. Colleen Jones made an excellent draw behind a guard to sit 2 again. Switzerland freezed the Canadian shot (don't know if that was the task called). Jones put up a second guard with her final shot. Kormann was disturbed twice by the crowd celebration over USA's senior men's win but makes an excellent shot tapping her own second in as shot past the Canadian stone. Switzerland 4-3.

In the 9th, Switzerland put their first stone at the top of the 8-feet. Canada drew a corner, Switzerland freezed their own shot. Canada put up a second cornerguard. Switzerland peeled one of the guards. Canada drew another cornerguard.  Switzerland peeled a guard again. Canada tried to hit & roll with Waye's last stone hit but rolled the wrong way to end behind the second Swiss shot. Switzerland had no problems removing the Canadian stone.  Canada tried the draw behind the guard with Kelly but was wide (again). Switzerland hit & sticked. Kelly came around and tapped the Swiss shot down at back of the house. Switzerland hits & rolls to sit 4. Jones tried to freeze the Switzerland shot but came up short. Switzerland tried to peel but hit to thick to leave Canada with the second. Jones played a hit & stick for two points, Canada 5-4.

10th, Canada's first stone top 8-foot. Switzerland cornerguard. Canada threws their second through the house. Switzerland drew behind. Canada tries to remove the Swiss shot but hit their own shot and rolled to the side, Switzerland had 1 point. Switzerland drew to sit 2. Canada played a hit & stick. Switzerland tries to hit & roll but hit it so that Canada had two after the shot and Switzerland's stone is third. Canada tried to peel the cornerguard but just moved it to the centre line instead. Switzerland tries to draw behind but came up short lying as third and fourth in the house. Canada left the two Swiss stones trying to come around, they ended up at the top of the 8-feet-circle, having 3 shots. Switzerland made a double. Canada hits & rolled a foot, having 2 shots. Switzerland hits & rolled, tried to end up behind the guard but was long, Switzerland one point. Jones had to hit & stick with her last shot to avoid the possibility of a Swiss deuce. She did this and forced Switzerland to draw to tie the game. Kormann did this with an inch to spare. Tied 5-5

11th, Switzerland threw up a centre guard, 1 1/2 meter up from the house. Canada tried to "peel" it but missed. Switzerland put up another guard that Canada was able to move about 1 meter sideways. Switzerland put up a third guard (I think they should have made the draw to the button with this stone, they probably lost the game here). Canada peeled two of the Swiss guards. Switzerland threw another guard.  Canada peeled. Switzerland guard. Canada peeled and doubled to remove both guards. Switzerland guard. Canada peeled.  Switzerland guard. Jones peeled but stays guarding the outer ring. Kormann made an almost perfect draw behind the guard. Jones drew to the button to win the game. Canada 6-5.


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