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Ford World Curling Championships 2002

Women's tournament, Semifinals

Young Swedes beats the experienced Norwegians

It was the game between the most experienced women's team and one of the most unexperienced. In spite of this, it was Sweden that won the very tense semifinal against Norway with 7-6. It was like a wrestling match between two equal opponents and it came down to the last stone of the game where Sweden had to hit & stick with a soft take-out to win the game and Maria Engholm showed absolutely no nerves and executed her last shot of the game as she played the whole game, excellent. Sweden will meet the winner between Scotland and Canada tomorrow afternoon. Norway will play the bronze game tomorrow morning.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
SWEDEN * 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2     7
NORWAY 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 0     6
Pos Sweden





Leads Anna-Kari Lindholm 83 74 Camilla Holth 73 69
Second Anette Jörnlind 68 77 Marianne Haslum 84 75
Third Margaretha Sigfridsson (skip) 84 78 Hanne Woods 84 74
Skips Maria Engholm 79 74 Dordi Nordby 91 71
  Team totals 78 76 Team Totals 83 72

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Game report

1: The game is kept in the house, some stones in the back of the of house but Sweden blanked the end.
2: The same as the first end, there exist a guard which Sweden wrecked with Engholm's (fourth player) first stone trying to come around. Sweden is forced to draw for one. Sweden 1-0
3:  Really no play, Norway hit & stick to take 1. Even 1-1
4:  Sweden placed a corner guard, there was a lot of play in the house. When Sweden played the last stone Norway had two shots. Sweden made the draw for one point. Sweden 2-1.
5: Sweden placed a centreguard that Norway used to come around.  Sweden wrecked their own guard with Jörnlind's (second player) first stone. Norway had tempo and Sweden tried to reduce it. With Engholm's first stone Sweden tried to make a double, they hit both, but left one Norwegian shot in the house.  Norway came up short with Nordby's first stone.Sweden tried to freeze the Norwegian shot with their last stone but was slightly heavy leaving a tap-back for two points. Norway 3-2.
6: Norway tried to keep the game in the house but Sweden was able to get two guards and make the first draw behind. Norway follows but Sweden can see the shot and did a hit & roll to sit two with Sigfridsson (third player, skip). Norway did a beautiful hit & roll with their last stone, Sweden tried to remove the Norwegian shot but pushed their (Sweden's) second stone out of the house in the process taking one point. Even 3-3
7:  Sweden got the guard game going and got two stones in the house (none guarded though) and Norway one (not shot). Norway tried to hit&stick while Sweden tried to hit&roll. Sweden succeded with Engholm's first stone to end up at the top of the 4-feet, guarded. Norway wrecked the guard. Sweden decided to go for the steal and put up another guard.  Nordby was able to come around with hack weight and remove the Swedish shot but rolled to third giving one Norwegian point. Norway 4-3.
8: Norway was able to keep Sweden away from the guard put up by Sweden in the beginning of the end until Sigfridsson's first stone when the Swedes drew behind just behind the tee-line and guarded. Norway followed the Swedes but on the other hand and did an excellent freeze. Sweden wrecks the guard with Sigfridsson's second stone (while trying to come around). Norway threw a guard with Nordby's first stone. Engholm was able to remove the Norwegian shot with a hack weight to have one point. Norway tried to follow but wrecks an outside guard leaving a draw for two for Sweden. Sweden 5-4.
9: Sweden started by putting a stone in the house but missed the following take-out to give Norway a two-tempo. Norway did an excellent job and kept the tempo going all through the end and took a deuce, Norway 6-5.
10: Sweden put up a guard, Norway tried to keep the game in the house. Sweden tried a freeze on Jörnlind's first stone but came up a bit short. Norway removed the Swedish stone.  Jörnlind's second stone was heavy and glided through the house. Norway tried to remove the Swedish cornerguard with Woods' first stone but just ticked it. Sigfridsson did a perfect freeze on the Norwegian shot (opposite side of the house to the guard). Norway tried to return the "favour" but was about a feet heavy, became shot but not in a straight line in front of the Swedish stone. After a two-minute wait to fix a loose handle, Sigfridsson removed the Norwegian shot and Sweden had two shots (maybe).  Nordby tried the double, removed the shot, touched the second and rolled out. Sweden played as if they had the shot. Sweden made a perfect draw behind the cornerguard to sit two (maybe). Nordby decided to try a draw on the other side again, she tapped the Swedish second and was shot. Sweden came with a soft take-out and removed the Norwegian shot. Sweden took the deuce to 7-6 and the final.   

The end of the Canada title defense

Colleen Jones' defense of her world title came to an end Friday night when Canada lost to Scotland 4-5 after an extra end. For 8 ends it was like a 0-0 soccer game that the coaches like, good defense but as for the spectators, the most fun was the breaks between the ends.

In the 9th there was finally some play with Canada keeping a two-shot-tempo until Lockhart's last stone where she had to come around a guard and hit the Canadian shot on the nose to score a point which she did.

Coming home, Scotland was in the lead 4-3. They got into trouble when Canada's Kim Kelly played a raise to leave Canada with a guarded shot. When Scotland missed their last shot, Canada had a good chance to win the game but Colleen Jones' last stone curled too much and passed the best Scottish stone leaving the game tied 4-4 after 10 ends.

In the extra end, Jones with her first stone was very short and just passed the hog-line leaving enough room for Scotland to remove the Canadian shot. When Jones tried to draw around an outside guard but wrecked it and the game was over, Scotland goes through to the final.

The Scottish girls were relaxed and really enjoying themselfes out there sometimes even entertaining the spectators in the breaks. Whatever Mike Hay is doing to his teams going into the playoff's it must be good since he was able to get Rhona Martin to be relaxed and play her fullest game in the Olympics and it seems to be the same here.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11   Total
SCOTLAND * 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1   5
CANADA 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0   4
Pos Scotland





Leads Ann Laird 73 80 Nancy Delahunt 93 83
Second Katriona Fairweather 83 78 Mary-Anne Waye 69 75
Third Sheila Swan 83 75 Kim Kelly 89 82
Skips Jackie Lockhart 70 76 Colleen Jones 72 75
  Team totals 77 77 Team Totals 81 79

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Game report

1: One-stone end (take-outs galore), Colleen Jones almost missed her last shot but the Scottish stone glides out. Scotland blanks. 0-0
2: Scotland got a two-tempo when Canada tried to raise their own guard down on a Scottish shot and Scotland could draw a second stone. Scotland was able to keep the two shots until Lockhart's (skip) first stone where she rolled out of the house after the hit. Scotland's tried to blank the end with their last shot but hit Canada's shot fat. Scotland 1-0.
3: Kim Kelly (third for Canada) wrecked a guard that allowed the Scots to play a in-the-house-game with two shots. Jones (skip for Canada) first shot hit, but stopped just outside the house. With her second shot she had to draw against two. Even 1-1.
4: The most exciting event in this end was when Swan (Scottish third) almost came up short with her last draw, otherwise just take-outs.  Blank end, even 1-1.
5: Scotland got two shots early on. Canada did a nice hit & roll with Waye's second stone but Canada  was unlucky with their next shot, hitting the Scottish stone down on the stone left by Waye, both stones out-of-play. Then we were back in the take-out game again. Jones tried a hit & roll behind a guard with her last shot but left it open. Lockhart was once again unable to roll off, hit & stay. Scotland 2-1.
6: Scotland tried to draw behind a Canadian cornerguard. After the second attempt, Canada wrecked the guard (by mistake). Scotland puts a second shot in the house. Swan rolled out with her last shot and we were back into the hit & stay game (again!!!). Canada tried to blank the end with their last shot but couldn't roll off, Even 2-2.
7: Sorry, but ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.... Not a guard in sight all through the end. Lockhart fails once again to peel the last shot, Scotland 1 point to a 3-2 lead.
8: More of the same. Canada tried to freeze the Scottish shot with Jones' first stone but was wide. Scotland hit & rolled off. Canada tried to peel the Scottish shot bit hit it fat, Even 3-3.
9: Finally a corner guard by Scotland. Canada controlled the centre and had a shot from early on in the end. After 8 stones Canada had 2 shots. They were able to keep that tempo through Colleen Jones' first stone. Scotland tried a hit & roll but rolled off. Jones raised her own down to the top of the 4-feet but Scotland was able to sneak around the guard and hit the shot to take 1.
10: Scotland threw a centre guard two meters in front of the house. Canada drew to the button behind the guard. Scotland played a freeze, well played, Canada still shot. Canada placed one on top of the Scottish shot from the other side of the guard. Scotland tried to tap their shot against the Canadian shot but hit it thin. Canada tried to peel the centre guard but left their shot as a corner guard instead. Scotland tried to place another stone in the house but was wide and hit & rolled on the corner guard to end up centre guard again. Canada peeled the guard. Scotland played a new guard (I think they should have played a hit&stick on the second Canadian shot). Canada peeled the guard again but stays as a second corner guard.  Scotland played yet another guard with Swan's last stone.  Kelly played a raise down at the package to sit with one guarded shot. Scotland tried to freeze but was short and wrecked the guard instead. Canada tried to come around and blocked the Scottish raise (I don't know if this was intentional or if she was slightly short on the shot, it was good though). Scotland tried to come through an opening on the left side but was hard and wrecked the outside guard. Canada had the chance to win the game but the hack-weight hit&stick she played curled to much and Canada got one point. Tied 4-4.
11: Canada played a centreguard. Scotland ticked the guard about 1 1/2 feet. Canada played another guard. Scotland tried but missed the tick. Canada drew to the four-feet-circle. Scotland peeled the centre guard. Canada put up another guard. Scotland peeled the guard again. Canada, new guard. Scotland peeled again. Last stone for Kim Kelly, yet another Canadian guard. Scotland peeled again. Jones was almost short but placed another guard just off the hog-line. Scotland played a hit & stick on the shot ending up just outside the four-feet-circle. Jones wrecked the guard, SCOTLAND WINS 5-4.


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