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Ford World Curling Championships 2002

Men's tournament, Semifinals

Norway, Norway, what a morning!

Norway, the reigning olympic champions started the week uninspired and played quite badly but as the week progressed their raised their game and today they played an excellent semifinal against Scotland. It had everything and in the final end it came down to a measurement for a Scottish win but they were only able to tie the game 4-4, sending it into an extra end. When Trulsen played his last shot he had to draw against two to the four-feet-circle and he did it and his team will now play the final in the World's for the first time.

Golf pro's often talk about the need to be a good grinder and grinding was what Norway did this morning. They were down 1-6 after four ends and were only able to take a one in the fifth to be down 2-6 without last stone. After this they stacked up five straight steals to win the game with 8-6 in what must be one of the great comebacks in a medal game ever in the World's. Canada's Colleen Jones ended her title defense with a fourth place and she must be very dissapointed with her record in these championships 6 wins and 6 losses.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11   Total
SCOTLAND * 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0   4
NORWAY 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 1   5
Pos Scotland






Leads Peter Loudon 88 85 Bend Ånund Ramsfjell 89 84
Second Ewan MacDonald 82 84 Flemming Davanger 81 81
Third Norman Brown 83 82 Lars Vågberg 83 78
Skips Warwick Smith 79 80 Pål Trulsen 83 76
  Team totals 83 83 Team Totals 84 80

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Game report

I'm concentrating on the women's game so the report from this one is sketchy at best.
4: Well executed defense by Scotland forced Trulsen (Norway skip) to make the draw for one point. Scotland 2-1.
5: Scotland had a good chance for two but Smith ticked a guard and hit & rolled of the Norwegian shot. Bland end. Scotland 2-1.
6: Both teams tried to use the centre guard put up by Norway. Scotland was sitting shot. After a nice hit & stick by Vågberg (Norway's third) Norway were sitting two behind a guard and had a third stone at the front of the house in a good position. Scotland tried to get to the two stones but ticked a guard.  Norway put up a guard. A heavy peel by Smith removed both guards and one shot. Trulsen hit & stick to sit three. Smith did an excellent hit & roll for the point. Scotland 3-1.
7:  Norway comes around a corner guard with Davanger's (second) last stone and after a wrecked guard by the Scottish the Norwegians was able to keep the tempo through the end. Tied 3-3.
8: After a double by Davanger, it was a one-stone-end. Blank end. Tied 3-3
9: A miss early on (that I didn't see) gave Scotland the two-tempo but an excellent hit & roll by Vågberg made it hard for the Scots but they were able to peel the shot. Norway came around again.  Smith wrecked the guard (not on purpose). Norway freezes their own shot. Smith played the double but wasn't able to move one of the Norwegian stones far enough to the side. Norway stealed one. Norway 4-3.
10: Scotland get two corner guards with the help of the free guard zone. Norway kept peeling and Scotland put up new guards. Brown (Scottish third) drew behind with his first stone. Norway hits & rolls to sit two in a straight line on the tee. Scotland did a tap on the Norwegian front shot. Trulsen was able to peel it. Smith did a perfect freeze of the Norwegian stones. Trulsen tried to freeze but was about a foot short. Smith tried a draw, slightly heavy tapped the shot and rolled to the side, measurement! One point Scotland (their stone was out). Tied 4-4
11: Scotland was short of the hog-line on their first stone. The Scots was able to get a guarded shot and Norway kept peeling the guards put up. Scotland decides to put a second shot in the house with their last stone forcing Trulsen to make the draw. Trulsen made it! Norway wins 5-4.

Will Canada beat Norway this time around?

When Canada met the USA in the round-robin Paul Pustovar were playing a fenomenal game and Canada was determined that he wouldn't get the chance to dominate again.

Canada started a relentless attacking game that forced the USA team to play at the top of their ability all the way through the game but USA hung in there all the way to the 9th when Canada finally broke away to a 8-6 lead. In the last end Canada removed everything that USA drew and with his last stone of the game Pustovar finally missed and rolled off securing the spot in the final for Randy Ferbey and his crew and this win was very much thanks to the excellent Canadian front end the put a flawless game to put the pressure on the americans in every end of the game.

An excellent curling game where both teams should get credit for trying to play an interesting game for the spectators all through the game. Canada will now put another team to the challenge from Norway. Can Ferbey do what Martin couldn't? We find out tomorrow afternoon but first Scotland will play the USA team for the bronze tomorrow morning.

Nation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     Total
USA 0 2 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0     6
CANADA * 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 0 2 2     10






Leads Richard Maskel 84 83 Marcel Rocque 91 89
Second Geoff Goodland 69 74 Scott Pfeifer 91 85
Third Mike Fraboni 73 73 Randy Ferbey (skip) 85 83
Skips Paul Pustovar 78 76 David Nedohin 75 78
  Team totals 76 76 Team Totals 86 84

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Game report

1: Even though there were a corner guard there was not much play until Nedohin (Canada fourth) went around to the back 12-foot with his first stone, Pustovar (USA skip) followed and tapped the Canada shot, Canada opted to make the draw for a single point. Canada 1-0.
2:  USA tried a freeze instead of a hit with Goodland's first but was a pinch heavy gliding through the house. Canada drew behind the centre guard to sit two. After two tries, USA was able to make a double, Canada removed the USA shot plus the rest of the stones in front of the house. Ferbey had an unlucky break with his last shot leaving a USA stone in the house allowing USA to set-up a two-tempo. Canada almost made the double with their last shot but jammed leaving USA with a draw for two. USA 2-1.
3: I was out taking photos during the third end but a wrecked guard by Ferbey in the end forced Canada to settle for one. Tied 2-2
4: Canada was determined to attack, with their second stone they put up a second guard leaving a USA stone in the house. Canada came around with both Pfeifer's (second) stones but Goodland made a double take-out leaving USA with one shot. Canada removed it to sit two. Canada continued for the rest of the to come around and hide behind the guard to put pressure on the USA team. Pustovar did a freeze and was shot, Nedohin tried  to move it but was a bit wide, tapped it but left USA with the shot. Pustovar drew for two. USA 4-2. (I think they were quite happy with that)
5: Canada kept attacking the USA defense. Pfeifer made a perfect freeze that USA was not able to clear from the house and then went around the corner guard to sit two. The rest of the end was a chess game where Canada attacks and USA tried to defend themselfes. Nedohin made an excellent hit & roll to freeze the USA shot forcing USA to realize that they would lose two, they played a double with their last shot sacrificing their only shot in the house.  Canada almost rolled out with their last shot but still made the deuce. Tied 4-4.
6: Canada continued the attack, coming around every guard in sight. Fraboni (USA third) made a good freeze. Nedohin made an excellent three metre raise to remove USA's shot and sit two. USA change place with Canada and the Nedohin hit & rolled off with his last stone. USA tried to peel but hit it fat, taking one point.  
7: USA started by putting two stones in the house and Canada put up a corner guard. Then Canada tried to freeze the USA two stones (sitting side by side) and succeded with the second try. USA tapped the stones in the house, Canada has the point, USA three stones around the 4-foot. Canada continues to freeze. USA was able to hit both Canada stones and sitting two but they had to leave one of the Canada shots in the house. Ferbey hit & rolled behind the guard, USA counted 1 but Canada had two in the house. Fraboni drew a shot in front of the best Canadian shot but sideways. Canada tapped it, USA counted 1, Canada the next three. Pustovar tapped the Canada's best shot to sit two. Nedohin played the double to sit two with their best shot at the back of the 4-foot. USA played a nose hit on the shot. Canada played the same shot for two points. Canada 6-5.
8: Canada started with a stone in the house, USA corner and then Canada guarded their shot. USA came around and tapped the Canada shot back to the 12-foot. Pfeifer comes around the guard but is a foot short of the USA shot on the button. USA peeled the guard. Canada removed the USA shot from play to sit two at opposite sides of the hous at the tee-line. USA wrecked the corner guard when trying to come around but rolled into the house. Ferbey played a nose hit on the USA stone to count 3. USA tried to freeze the best Canada stone landed a foot short but still shot. Ferbey just ticked the US stone, giving USA the chance to count 2. USA hit the Canada shot on the nose. Nedohin tried a double but left USA counting 1. Pustovar made a rare draw miss landing at top of the back 12-foot. Canada tried a freeze on the last stone (on the previous USA shot), good weight but slightly wide. USA tried to tap the Canadian shot but slides just passed it. Measure! USA 1 point, tied 6-6.
9: USA put up a centre guard. Canada comes around landing just behind the tee-line. USA played a freeze on the Canada shot. Rocque (C first) made a freeze of the USA shot, USA still count 1. USA put up a guard, 1 metre in front of the house. Canada is able to make contact with the US shot but it's left at the side of the 4-foot, still shot but open. USA drew around the centre guard from the other side, tapping Canada's stone to count. Canada peeled the guard. Frabonit put up another guard. Ferbey makes a fantastic double so that Canada count 3. USA looked for a double but get only one, sliding back to the 12-foot, Canada count 2. Ferbey drew a third stone to end up at the top of the 4-foot behind the guard. Pustovar freezed on top of the best Canadian stone reducing it to count 1 for Canada. Canada put a guard for their shot. Pustovar made a nice try for a hit & roll but rolls to the back of the 4-foot leaving a draw for 2. Excellent draw by Nedohin, Canada 8-6.
10: Canada put their first stone on the button. USA put up a corner guard. Canada placed the next shot at the top of the 4-foot. USA tried to freeze, good weight but missed the line. Canada peeled the corner. USA put up a guard even though Canada count 2. Pfeifer peeled the guard with his second shot. USA put up another guard in front of their stone in the house. Ferbey peeled the guard. USA tried a tap-back (about 1 metre) but was slighty light, leaving a double for Ferbey. Ferbey did it to count 3. Ferboni taps the Canadian shot but rolls to the side, open for Nedohin. Nedohin removed the USA shot. Pustovar tried to hit & roll but slided out of the house. Canada win 10-6.


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