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Ford World Curling Championships 2002

Ferbey wins the title

In a tight game a missed take-out by Pål Trulsen in the 6th proved costly because it set Canada up with a deuce to take a 5-3 lead. After that Canada controlled the game and finally won with 10-5.

Randy Ferbey got revenge for last year's loss in the bronze game and can call himself world champion for the second time, the first being 1989.

The world champions are Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer, Marcel Rocque and Dan Holowaychuk.

The sportmanship awards was given to Mi-Yeon Kim, Korea and Pål Trulsen of Norway

The result and full game report

Scotland wins the women's title for the first time

It took 24 years and three lost finals until a Scottish women's team won a world championship title. This afternoon all this changed when the Jackie Lockhart team defeated Sweden with 6-5. It was Sweden that was the most aggresive team through most of the game but only at one time were the Scottish not able to keep the Swedes in check.

In the final end of the game, Sweden had a good chance to steal but had problems with the draw weight and Maria Engholm's last stone that was supposed to be at the top of the house ended up just behind the tee-line and it gave Jackie Lockhart the possibility to play a hit & stick to win.

The world champions are Jackie Lockhart, Sheila Swan, Katriona Fairweather, Ann Laird and Edith Louden and Jackie said afterwards that the Rhona Martin olympic gold was of course a great inspiration to the team and they kept that spirit going through the week.

The bronze medals went to Norway that defeated Canada in a game where Norway was down 2-6 after five ends then Norway made five consecutive steals to win the game with 8-6.

Finals result and game report.


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