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Competition schedule
Executives & staff
Federation history
National contacts
Wheelchair curling
Curling development
World Freytag award

These sponsors support curling:


Federation information

Here you find information from the WCF and its work.

  • Constitution

    This is the constitution of the WCF, it contains rules and regulations regarding the work of the federation.
  • Competition Schedule

    This is a list of a great number of bonspiels all over the world. Unfortunately it's currently only available as a Word document.
  • Executives & Staff

    These are the people that works for WCF and thereby implicitly for you as a curler.
  • National Contacts

    These are all the member nations of the WCF and how you may contact them.
  • Wheelchair Curling

    Here you find information about the work around curling for people with disabilities.
  • Curling Development

    Education is another word for what this is about (partly) . Information regarding courses, clinics and other things...
  • Federation History
  • World Freytag Award

    The World Freytag Award is a tribute to the late Elmer Freytag and is awarded annually to people contributing to the development of curling internationally.



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