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World Curling Federation, newsletter march 2002

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Re-election of WCF President, Vice President and Director of Finance but six gentlemen are fighting for three seats at the Executive Board

Every second year, there are elections at the Annual General Assembly of the World Curling Federation. This year the General Assembly of the WCF will take place at the Holiday Inn in Bismarck, N.D. USA on Wednesday, 10 April at 09.30.

There will be no battle for the position as President, Vice President and Director of Finance. The President Roy Sinclair of Scotland is nominated by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club and the Swedish Curling Association. There is no other candidate. The Vice President Les Harrison of Canada, nominated by the Canadian Curling Association has no opponent and also the Director of Finance Denis Fox of USA will be re-elected without any competition. Fox is nominated by the United States Curling Association.

Also one of the members at large will be re-elected without any voting. That is Tove Porskjaer of Denmark since she is the only female candidate and according to the constitution there has to be at least one woman in the Executive Board.

However, for the remaining three seats at the Executive Board there will be a fight between six gentlemen. Per Näsman of Sweden, Bruno Schallberger of Switzerland and Kristian Sørum of Norway are Members at Large since the 2000 General Assembly in Glasgow. Now they will be challenged by two former members of the Executive Board, Hiro Saito of Japan and James Oastler of Australia, nominated by their national associations. The Finnish Curling Association has also nominated their President Olli Rissanen to the Members at Large.

Former World Champion gets the World Curling Freytag Award

Franz Tanner of Chardonne, Switzerland will get the World Curling Freytag Award for 2002. As a curler he had a very successful career during the 70-ties and 80-ties with gold medals at the World Championships in 1981 and the European Championships in 1978 and 1981.

After retirement as competitive curler Franz Tanner was President of the Swiss Curling Association 1986-1990 and Swiss representative of the World Curling Federation 1986-1995.

From 1995 to 1998 he had a special task at the WCF, the relations between the WCF and the International Olympic Committee. His personal connections, his talent for motivating people and his diplomatic skills enabled him to convince the IOC President, Mr. Antonio Samaranch and others to make curling an official Olympic sport.

Franz Tanner will come to the Ford World Curling Championships in Bismarck to receive the Freytag Award. So will the 2001 winner of the Freytag Award, Bud Somerville of USA. He was not able to travel to Lausanne last year and was promised to get his award in Bismarck.

World Junior Championships in Kelowna, B.C. Canada on 10 sheets of ice

For the first time there will be games on 10 sheets of ice when the World Junior Championships start on Sunday, March 24 in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. The venue is Kelowna Curling Club where they are going to use ten sheets of ice for each draw. With that they can cut down the number of competition days to eight days and there are never more than two draws per day, except the last Friday if there will be complicated tie-breaking situations.

To make it easy for relatives and supporters to follow the games the teams of each nation will play their games next-door to each other.

Looking at the team list we recognize the World Junior Women´s teams from 2001, Suzanne Gaudet of Canada and 2000, Matilda Mattsson of Sweden. These two teams also met in the 2001 final where the Canadians managed to steal the winning points in an extra end.

In the junior men´s section Caspar Bossen´s Danish World runner-up team of 2001 is back in effort to win the gold this year.

Information about the WJCC can be found here.



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