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World Freytag Award

The World Freytag award is a tribute to the late Elmer Freytag, an American who was a founder and early leader of the International Curling Federation (now the World Curling Federation). The award may be given to curlers or builders (people contributing to the sport outside the ice) and is made annually.

Curlers are honoured for world-championship-level playing ability, sportmanship, character and the achievement of extraordinary distinction in curling.

Builders are honoured for distinguished service and major contributions to the development and advancement of curling internationally.

Franz Tanner of Chardonne, Switzerland will receive the World Curling Freytag Award for 2002. As a curler he had a very successful career during the 70-ties and 80-ties with gold medals at the World Championships in 1981 and the European Championships in 1978 and 1981.

After retirement as competitive curler Franz Tanner was President of the Swiss Curling Association 1986-1990 and Swiss representative of the World Curling Federation 1986-1995.

From 1995 to 1998 he had a special task at the WCF, the relations between the WCF and the International Olympic Committee. His personal connections, his talent for motivating people and his diplomatic skills enabled him to convince the IOC President, Mr. Antonio Samaranch and others to make curling an official Olympic sport.

Franz Tanner will come to the Ford World Curling Championships in Bismarck to receive the Freytag Award. So will the 2001 winner of the Freytag Award, Bud Somerville of USA. He was not able to travel to Lausanne last year and was promised to get his award in Bismarck.

Previous winners

World Curling Freytag Award Winners

Year Winner Category Country
2002 Franz Tanner   Switzerland
2001 Bud Somerville Curler USA
  Shirley Morath Builder Canada
2000 Ernie Richardson Curler Canada
  Bob Hardy Builder United States
1999 Not awarded    
1998 Not awarded    
1997 Erwin Sautter-Hewitt   Switzerland
1996 Elizabeth Paterson-Brown   Scotland
1995 Not awarded    
1994 Keith Wendorf   Germany
1993 Not awarded    
1992 Not awarded    
1991 Not awarded    

Elmer Freytag Award Winners

Year Winner Category Country
1990 Colin Campbell   Canada
1989 Not awarded    
1988 Kay Sugahara   United States
1987 Bob Picken   Canada
1986 Art Cobb   United States
1985 Don MacLeod   Canada
1984 Robin Welsh   Scotland
1983 Mabel DeWare   Canada
1982 Sven Eklund   Sweden
1981 Doug Maxwell   Canada
1980 Bob Grieson   Scotland
1979 Chuck Hay   Scotland
1978 Ken Watson   Canada



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